PearceyPlays – #FM20 Career Mode


Career Mode 30 Years

Start at home, work my way up – the hard way.

In game I’m just coming up to 40, IRL just gone – Time to start in management!!

In all reality I’ll have 30 years, give or take, and I’m going to have to start at the very bottom. I live in Fife, Scotland so that’s where I’m going to have to start – There’s no money at the level I’m starting at so this is strictly Part Time – Well, until such time I’ve got a Continental A Licence anyway 🙂

I’m starting unemployed, as you always should in these saves, and i’ll see who will take a Sunday-League Footballer with no experience of management.

However I think I do have experience of is Data – I design databases, move and present data for a living so this will be foremost in my mind as I play the game, and through this journey I’ll hopefully add some good tips and tricks that may help you with your Journey.

And so it begins……. 1st Jul 2019

Thanks to the following:

@mozzaplays for the wonderful Scottish Pyramid where I’ll start my journey

@TheFMEditor85 for the Tier 10 English & Tier 5 Welsh pyramids that very well may come into play at some point in the save

@FMTahiti for lots of very interesting data-related content and his continuing support

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