Part 19 – S1 C1 P18 Match Day 4 – Gala Fairydean Rovers (H) 8th Sep 2018 15:00

Its a showery 14C – Welcome to Scotland. We had a cheeky little friendly last Saturday against Kirkcaldy YMCA. I set the Gegenpress 4-2-3-1 on them and basically played 2 different teams in each half. Civil Service 1 (Neil McVitie 52) Kirkcaldy YMCA 0 Only 31 shots, 63% possession and 84% pass completion. The Opposition […]

Part 16 – S1 C1 P15 – How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Data

So if you (at least) have gone through the last post to the end, downloaded the sql file, have SSMS and have run the script you will have a database with reference data and my first months data with Civil Service Strollers in the stg_all_data_t table. If you’ve never had any interaction with SQL you […]

Part 13 – S1 C1 P12 – Data

No, not Brent Spiner. Looking forward to Star Trek Picard – Its going to be Immense I has created a process for getting data out of FM, processing it into a SQL database then having the ability to either run pretty-straight reporting from it all via the Microsoft Business Intelligence suite (Commonly called the BI […]

Part 12- S1 C1 P11 – Training and Dynamics

I’m going to be honest, I’ve not nearly gone into training in enough depth this year. The main reason is I’ve been exclusively in Lower Leagues with Part-Timers – as such I’ve been happy to go with a Balanced regimen, usually letting the Assistant Manager set the overall training. However this time I’ve had a […]

Part 11 – S1 C1 P10 Match Day 3 – East Kilbride (H) 25th Aug 2018 15:00

We play hosts to East Kilbride ( ) who IRL won the Lowland League in the 2018-19 season but lost in the promotion playoff to Cove Rangers of the Highland League. In the week leading up to this our reserves lost 2-1 to Oakley Utd Reserves – Ross Guthrie giving us the lead just […]

Part 10 – S1 C1 P9 Match Day 2 – Kelty Hearts (A) 18th Aug 2018 15:00

We take a short(ish) drive (Just over 20 miles) back over the Forth to the 3G MX pitch on Bath Street to play Kelty Hearts ( ) on a cool (13C) drizzly mid-August afternoon. Kelty lost the first league game 1-0 Away to Dalbeattie Star and we will be looking to make that 2 […]