Settling for the Play-off – Raith Rovers – PearceyPlays #FM19 Journeyman Part 187 – OS5 C3 S1 – February 2023

Welcome back to another month of potential struggles with Raith Rovers. Potentially 4 games this month – the Scottish Cup Quarters are on Saturday 25th if we can see off Championship side Ayr. Motherwell is a must win to at least help towards securing that relegation play-off, though we will play them again after the […]

A New Beginning – PearceyPlays #FM20 OS5 C2 S1 – Part 38 – Dundalk – Pre Season 2023

Welcome to the first post at Club 2 of my FM20 journeyman. The biggest club in Ireland. Over £5M in the bank, £5.8M in prize money last year alone, including £3.8M from the Europa League!!! 2 Wins (Legia & Dinamo Zagreb) means we’re not done yet!! Conference League 1st Knockout Round to come in February […]

Turning the Corner? – Raith Rovers – PearceyPlays #FM19 Journeyman Part 186 – OS5 C3 S1 – January 2023

Welcome back to the first full month in charge of Raith Rovers – a month where we need to keep picking up points regularly to stave off that threat of automatic relegation. I think I’ve found a tactic that can do this (4-1-3-2 DM Narrow – Very Short Passing, Low tempo or lower) where we […]

Winter is Here! – Raith Rovers – PearceyPlays #FM19 Journeyman Part 185 – OS5 C3 S1 – December 2022

Welcome back to a new post and Club 3 of this FM19 Journeyman. I’m in Season 5, so this could be considered a relatively quick progression (Lowland League with Civil Service, League 2/1/Championship with Berwick and now the Premiership with Raith) but i feel it’s been pretty organic. Day-wise I spent almost twice as long […]

Playing the Waiting Game – Berwick Rangers – PearceyPlays #FM19 Journeyman Part 184 – OS5 C2 S4 – December 2022

I’m not a patient man. Since my interview with Motherwell they’ve lost twice, 3-1 both times. They are 9 points clear at the bottom of the premiership with 21 games left – Give me time to keep them up please!!!! And interestingly Hearts are now available too… Their interview process is over now though. Back […]

Should have gone to Specsavers… – Berwick Rangers – PearceyPlays #FM19 Journeyman Part 183 – OS5 C2 S4 – November 2022

After being shafted by the Refs in the last 2 games of October we need to turn the tide to stay in the play-off picture this month. 3 tough league games and what-should-be a nice trip up to the top of the country in the cup. My patience is being severely tested by FM19 currently… […]

Growth & Progression – PearceyPlays #FM20 Season 4/5 – Part 37 – Cobh Ramblers – Post Season 2022/Pre Season 2023

Welcome to the 2022 Post season/2023 Pre season. Lots of contracts expiring, lots of deals to be done, and at the end of the day this is a Journeyman – It might even be time to move on? Firstly we will take a look at the player stats. PASSING & CROSSING Bosun Lawal & Ethan […]

Punching above our Weight – Berwick Rangers – PearceyPlays #FM19 Journeyman Part 182 – OS5 C2 S4 – October 2022

Welcome back to another Berwick Rangers post, which sees us moving into a quiet October (Just the 4 games) still in 2nd place in the Championship after a very good start indeed. They’re all tough games at this level for a team like ours – That said ate least we have 3 home games after […]

End of Term – PearceyPlays #FM20 Season 4 – Part 36 – Cobh Ramblers – September 2022

We reach the end of the 2022 season today – a superb first-season in the Premier Division, blowing all our highest hopes of (maybe , just maybe) avoiding relegation via a play-off completely out of the water 🙂 Dundalk will be tough as usual, and I’m not expecting any games to be a walkover but […]

Momentum – Berwick Rangers – PearceyPlays #FM19 Journeyman Part 181 – OS5 C2 S4 – September 2022

Welcome to another month with Berwick Rangers, now in the Ladbrokes Championship, and we have 5 games. After a superb August we face Welsh Premier league titans TNS in the IRN-BRU Cup (Now the Tunnocks Caramel Wafer Cup :)), followed by 4 league games. Currently with our form as it is, and beating a very […]