2020/21 Round-up and Pre-Season – PearceyPlays #FM19 Journeyman Part 148 – OS3 C2 S2 – Berwick Rangers – May/June 2021

Lets be competitive!!

Today’s post will be centred on the round-up and post-season of the 2020/21 season.

Firstly the end of season stats. From next season I’ll report on the stats twice – at the start of January and the end of the season.

First up are our biggest winners in the attribute stakes across the season. Dean Cornelius topping the bill.

78 instances of an attribute rise of 1 – Tom Sutherland, Dean Cornelius, Archie Gardiner & Kieran McGrath out in front.

Only 25 instances of an attribute fall of 1 – Big Rod unfortunately at the top.

Just a couple of 2-point attribute drops, both in Determination, which is a worry.

Next are the season stats across all the areas we capture.

PASSING – Andy Turner & Dean Cornelius lead the way, Andy with an almost 89% completion across over 1,600 passes, Dean with a Key Pass/90 of 1.42, 46 across his season.

HEADING – Harry Nicolson out top with 82.7%, Sean Slaven up top with 62.7% & 2.37 Key Headers per game. Kieran McGrath isn’t in that league up top.

CROSSING – Of those that cross 15% completion is the average, Marky Munro was a fair bit higher in the games he played, but I can’t see hime tyaking the spot off of Aaron Dunsmore TBH.

DRIBBLING – Only really the foray of the wide players, Conor McLaughlin out front, but only at 1.83 per game. John Balde was a disappointment – 12 Dribbling but only 0.89 per game when specifically asked to Dribble more.

TACKLING – Defensively-Minded Andy Turner and Big Rod at the top of the charts – just under 93% tackle success. Lewis Faulds needs to work on this if he wants to progress in that full-back/wing-back spot.

FOULS – Big Rod stands out as not committing many at all – just 0.78/90 mins. Dean Cornelius is the most over-zealous at 1.82. Tom Sutherland draws the most fould, 2.1 per 90.

MISTAKES – Thankfully Keeper Kyle is top of the list as most reliable – only 5 mistakes all season, none leading to a goal (Only 2 overall – Seems wrong). Again Dean is the most mistakey, but that’s from him being involved more than anybody else I think.

INTERCEPTIONS – Harry Nicolson the best by far at 3.36 per 90, though Yusuf Hussain, when he has played is also right up there.

OFFSIDES – As we’ve played a deeper forward line for a lot of the season (with Sean as a TM) the numbers are good, only really Kieran standing out, and even he is nowhere near 2 offsides/90.

SHOTS & GOALS – Sean & Kieran obviously at the top, Sean at over a goal per 90 minutes is absolutely awesome (28 goals overall). Both also were over 50% shots on target. John Balde snuck up there at the end of the season as well (Though he wants £350/wk at the moment to join – lets see if he gets any interest as he’s being released by Rangers)

Aaron Dunsmore is the assists king – almost 1 every other game.

So now to the all the lovely end of season stuff.

Firstly I’m now studying towards my Continental B Licence (Takes 6 months) – Only 2 more after this to go.

The last league game versus Cowdenbeath was a gate receipts record – £18k (1,678 in the stands).

Only surprises are the formation(!) and that Dean Cornelius isn’t even on the subs bench….

Surprised that Aaron gets the Player of the Season from the Fans, but glad in a way – it would have been easy to give it to Sean. Also good to see Harry in 3rd. Goal of the season from Andy Turner – Just a nice shot bottom left corner from the edge of the area, nothing special IMO. I wish they’d sort out Young player of the Season to be 21 and under….

Team Dynamics are superb, though I would think the Dressing Room Atmos would be better than ‘Good’

All of our staff members have signed new contracts.

The last League 2 team of the Week this season, and we’ve only got 7 players in it following our demolition of Cowdenbeath 🙂

And our U18’s have had their last friendly of the season – Drawing 0-0 with Dumfries U18’s. However i don’t recognise any of the players (They had all gone on holiday) so this game was a bit of a bug.

We have a few more players signing new deals.

  • Cameron McGinn – £60/wk, 1 year deal. 19yo STC, Hot Prospect
  • Daryl Healy – £60/wk, 1 year deal, 23yo STC, Backup

We will playing the winners of Buckie Thistle & Stenhousemuir next season – Stenny beating Cowdenbeath 4-0 on aggregate, Buckie going through on Penalties after a Stenny OG in the 89th minute put the tie back on level terms. Agonising.

Peterhead go down into the Highland League with a 3-0 aggregate loss v Queen’s Park – A big shock IMO. Let’s see if we can pick the bones clean 🙂 And we will be playing Stenhousemuir in league 1 as they relegate Buckie Thistle 4-1 on aggregate.

We have paid out £33.5k to the squad for winning League 2 🙂

Seany-Boy won League 2 Player of the Year 🙂

8 of the lads were in the League 2 Team of the Year 🙂 £600 paid out on bonuses for this to Aaron Dunsmore & Kieran McGrath.

And we’re getting a tax bill of about £30k….

We’ve announced 4 sponsorship deals totalling £16k/year, the kit sponsorship going up from £2,890 to £6k.

And now the waiting – all the loan deals and a good few contracts are up on 31st May, so from 1st June we begin building the squad for a decent showing in League 1 – The boys were happy with a Mid table expectation in the end of season team meeting. Also Harry Nicolson leaving will reset the squad start levels a bit 🙂

Conor McLaughlin has signed a new 1-year deal as a Backup – £60/wk.

Liam MacDonald (21yo BWM) has signed a £40/wk 1 year deal as a Hot Prospect.

And the 31st May has arrived – the following have all been released:

  • Ross Meechan (26yo DR)
  • Chris Henry (22yo GK)
  • Tom Warburton (18yo GK)
  • Derek Main (19yo DL)
  • Johnny Conway (19yo DR)
  • Declan Maxwell (20yo DC)
  • Ryan Grant (19yo ML)
  • Aaron Ballantyne (20yo ML)
  • Jamie Johnson (19yo AMR)
  • Ben Sedgwick (19yo MC)
  • Ross Gilmour (19yo AMC)
  • Duncan Johnson (19yo STC)
  • Gregor MacLennan (19yo WBL)
  • Aidan McIlduff (24yo DL)
  • Jordan Orru (23yo Utility)
  • Shea Dowie (20yo GK)

1st June – Time to start Wheeling & Dealing 🙂

Our two signings from January have arrived at the club – Keeper Ross Sinclair & young CD Jordan Bow. They come in as 1st and 2nd best players at the club by CA.

Finances are OK – Transfer Budget is £69k, Wage £4.9k/week, Current wages £2.3k/week. Will try to keep under £3.7k or so a week. We need to establish ourselves in League 1 before we can push on towards the Championship.


We get Andy Turner in full time after he was transfer-listed by our senior affiliate Dundee. He will arrive at the start of the transfer window in a few days. £1k was paid, going up to £3k after 30 games.


YES!! We get Seany Boy on a permanent deal, £2.5k going up to £5k after 30 goals. He’s shown his pedigree in League 2, lets see if he’s anywhere near as successful in League 1


Sean Mackie

  • 23yo D/WBL
  • 5ft 8in
  • In game came in on a free after being released by Hibs – IRL he is still there, after playing the first half of the 19/20 season on loan at Dundee

Sean Mackie (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sean_Mackie) arrives as our starting left-back (They are so rare). 3* CA and a far more attacking wing-back than Lewis Faulds is (Lewis may be more of a centre-back, but that’s for another time). He’s not played much football, which is my only worry. £130/wk is a decent price. IRL he has 1 Scotland U21 cap.


Jack Leitch

  • 25yo MC, though can play in loads of roles
  • 5ft 9in
  • IRL still at Peterhead, in game Peterhead’s relegation triggered his release clause, and we’ve picked him up on a free

Jack Leitch (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jack_Leitch) joins on a 2-year deal on the pricely sum of £275/wk. He is considerably better than Dean Cornelius when you compare the attributes, Dean is much quicker but that’s it. Jack will be either a Carillero or BWM with Andy Turner.

And both Andy Turner & Sean Slaven have now arrived. 4 signings down, all 3* CA. Solid.


Morgyn Neill

  • 25yo DC
  • 6ft 2in
  • IRL with Dumbarton after starting his career at Motherwell, in game he signs from Stenhousemuir on a free.

Morgyn Neill (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Morgyn_Neill) arrives on a free as a starting centre-back. I’m looking to him to steady the ship, having played 183 games in his career, hopefully partnering Jordan Bow as the starting central defensive partnership.

So that’s 2 centre-backs, a GK, a left-back, a striker and 2 centre-mids now on the books. We are lacking an AML, so that will be the main search now.


Mark Davidson

  • 19yo M/AMC
  • 5ft 8in
  • Bought from Gala Fairydean – last season played 56 games at 7.14 average, Gala finished 7th in the Lowland League…

Mark Davidson arrives as our best player by CA in a deal worth £11k or so. He’s been tearing it up in the Lowland league, and played 56 league games last season(! – Definitely a Bug). He’s a big improvement on Dean Cornelius, and for his age his mentals are amazing for this level. Brings 4* CA quality to the club.

Very interesting – its seems our stature has leap-frogged most of the current League 2 sides, but we will start the season with the lowest stature in league 1 (Stenny are still above us).

The board came to me wanting to improve the scouting budget. fine with me!!!

OK – the board want playoffs!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We’ve tripped over into the new season (25th June in game) – So time to look at the season preview………

Was not expecting that!!! We must have a really decent squad, but we have done a decent bit of business already. I might need to re-evaluate my expectations 🙂 Morton & Airdrie do seem to be a step ahead of everyone else – Morton have 6 players in the dream eleven, Airdrie 3, Dumbarton & Montrose 1 each.

The BetFred Cup groups have been drawn:

A real tough one – 3 Championship sides, us and Stranraer.

This news item just came up – Showing our expected 3rd place finish.


Dean Cornelius has moved to Raith in a deal worth £15k. Happy for him to continue his career progression in the Premiership. Might get a loan-back, not decided yet.

I’ve asked for and gotten another coach for the first team – I need to really maximise the potential of our young guys.

And that concludes the close-season – we have pre-season, where 5 guys have turned up in tip-top condition, the boys are OK with a top-half finish, everything is awesome.

Next time we have our first competitive match v Falkirk of the Championship in the BetFred. See you then.

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