PearceyPlays #FM20 Season 3 Post 19 – We go again!!! – Cobh Ramblers – Pre-Season 2021

Yes, We’re here for another season, and I’m hoping we can really push on towards the playoffs this time round, whilst (trying) not to bankrupt the club.

We’re at the start of a pre-season where we have 5 friendlies; 3 easy, 1 a bit harder v rivals Cobh Wanderers and a tough one v senior affiliate Shamrock Rovers.


David Evans

  • 18yo, 5ft 8in
  • Right Winger, more attacking
  • 3.5* CA, 4/5* PA
  • On Loan from senior affiliate Shamrock Rovers

David Evans comes in as a legitimate challenger to Ian Turner for the right wing spot. 15 Pace, 11 Dribbling, he could make a lot of left-backs lives a misery.

16th January 2021 – FRIENDLY #1 – DUNGARVAN (H)

FT Cobh Ramblers 6 (Ebbe 20, 27, Costelloe 41, Abbott 45, McCormack Pen 67, 88) Dungarvan 1 (Carroll 89) Att 97 (7 Away)

A good start to the friendlies, 4-0 at HT with Ebbe getting a couple of nice goals, Costelloe a goal from a lovely evans cross and an Abbott direct FK top bins. This was with a new 2DM tactic I’ve been looking at

A similar MO to last season’s CounterPunch tactic, but with more delineation between the defensive and attacking units. 2 high wingers giving the TM more support, 2 DM’s giving defensive rigidity plus forward movement with the playmaker in the centre of the park orchestrating affairs.

We went back to last season’s tactic in the 2nd half and got another 2 before letting in an early-season mistake-ridden goal in the 89th, a pen and a tap-in both for McCormack. Mihoubi was causing a good few problems down the left in the second half.

Charlie Fleming picked up a bruised ankle – only out for a few days so no problem.

Before our second friendly our U19’s lost 2-1 to Longford U19, Lyamine Mihoubi with the goal.

23rd January 2021 – FRIENDLY #2 – SHAMROCK ROVERS (H)

FT Cobh Ramblers 1 (Doherty 75) Shamrock Rovers 2 (B. Kavanagh 29, Vojic 44) Att 305 (77 Away)

A decent, tight game where Shamrock scored a beautiful 22 yarder and a lovely dribble through the middle and finish. Eoin Porter unfortunately picked up a knee injury, but Daire Doherty scored a consolation, a lovely break-away, stepped the keeper to make the angle and scored, that gave a result more akin to the stats.

Eoin Porter – Knee Ligaments, 3 to 4 weeks. A it of a Phew! moment opening the news item. He will miss the very start to the season possibly – I think I need to get a playmaker in as we are sorely lacking on that front.

We’ve had the Munster Senior Cup Quarter Final Draw

Cork & Limerick face each other, meaning (if we can get through) it’s a 50/50 chance of facing a non-league team in the semis. It would be nice to retain the trophy.

We were having a few issues coach-wise so I let our GK Coach go (Our new AM has 14’s for all the keeper training) and the head of youth development, both via mutual termination. I’ve gotten in another coach (Mark Conway, £35/wk) who is the best we can get for Tactical coaching (6!) and am attempting to get another with good fitness training to even everything out – Doubt the board will allow it though as the space is usually for a head of youth development…

29th January 2021 – FRIENDLY #3 – COBH WANDERERS (H)

FT Cobh Ramblers 6 (McCormack 11, 22, Hughes 27, Abbott 35, Ebbe Pen 62, Doherty 79) Cobh Wanderers 2 (Tier 83, White 85) Att 517 (107 Away)

A very nice showing in the first half, Abbott running the show as the playmaker, and 4 good goals. Rotated a lot in the 2nd half but the result was pretty certain early on.


Ethan Devine

  • 21yo, 5ft 9in
  • MC, good in a number of roles
  • Comes on a free from Llandudno – With Marine FC (Tier 7 English Football) IRL
  • 3* CA, 4/5* PA
  • 14 Passing, decent vision, good pace – Possible playmaker alternative to Porter/Injury cover
  • £170/wk

Ethan comes in to bolster the number of midfielders we have as we let a lot go after the 2020 season.promising, very good passing, decent mentals and pacey.

We have gotten to February 1st 2021. I will take the attributes now for the players and we will look at changes when March rolls round.

My favourite screen again – Liam O’Donovan – He went on a free to Bohemians, which was agreed back in the Summer transfer window….. Not a peep at the time.


Adam Hughes

  • 24yo, 6ft 2in
  • DC, can play in other positions
  • Started his career at Tranmere before finding his way to TNS, where he still is IRL
  • 3* CA, 4*PA

I just couldn’t say no. Adam comes in as a partner to Carrick Hill, a bit more experience, 6ft 2in and naturally left footed. He can also cover left-back. This means Evan Murphy & James McSweeney may not get much gam,e time – loan or transfer list???

We’ve also been able to get that other coach – John Henderson, with his 7 Fitness training 🙂

3rd February 2021 – FRIENDLY #4 – DOUGLAS HALL (A)

FT Douglas Hall 1 (Higgins 47) Cobh Ramblers 4 (Costelloe 16, Evan Murphy 49, Turner 76, Mihoubi 81) Att 97 (76 Away)

A decent first half, even though it was only 1-0, with chance after chance saved or headed over. The 2nd half started badly but the guys really kicked on and ended up winning easily.

6th February 2021 – FRIENDLY #5 – CLONMEL TOWN (A)

FT Clonmel Town 0 Cobh Ramblers 3 (Nolan 11, Abbott 46, O’Riordan 90) Att 37 (16 Away)

A routine, fully rotated win, Jason Abbott again starring. An Injury to David Hurley this time though…..

David Hurley – Fractured Toe (4-5 Weeks)


Below are all the goals from the pre-season friendlies above – there are a few crackers in there.

Pre-Season Friendly Goals – 2021

Lastly before we end the post before our first league game with U.C.D. Charlie Lyons has gone out on a season-long loan to Gosport, of the Tier 7 Premier Division South in England – A league that is rated higher than the Irish First Division!!!

Next time we will look at the start of the season through to the end of February – 3 league games, 2 very tough (U.C.D. & Limerick) & 1 that should be winnable (Cabinteely) plus that Munster Senior Cup QF v Rockmount. See you soon.

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