#FM19 Part 123 – OS3 C2 S2 P21 – Scottish Cup 2nd Rnd – Gretna 2008 (A) 17th October 2020 15:00

Will we get to Hampden in May??

Today we have a little 80 mile jaunt SW to play Gretna 2008 in the 2nd Round of the Scottish Cup. I was informed by news article that this marks my 100th game in management in FM19

My stats for the 99 games so far are as follows:

A career win-percentage of 53% and a +73 goal difference, with the 1 league victory with Civil Service in Season 1 (2018/19). If I get further news items for my 200th/300th etc I’ll bring you these stats again. I’m still rocking a 10% reputation – this is ‘Minimal’ apparently 🙂

Our Ressies lost 2-0 to Brechin Res in their league and are currently 7th/20, so not too bad.

So to Gretna – Our scouts rate their best player at 2.5* CA, so of course this will be a tough game, with this being FM and all that.

I’m going with the Control Possession tactic, allowing a few of our fringe players to get a game (Morrison has had a whinge – unfortunately Dunsmore is so much better, so I’ll be letting him go in January hopefully, but he doesn’t know that yet so don’t tell him! Watt in at left wingback, another player who is most probably in his last season with us. Hussain in the middle of the back 3 is definitely a strong future prospect and Allan gets game time up top as a Target Man. Also going with the twin-Mezzala approach again. Gretna set up in a 4-1-2-3 DM Wide formation, it could be quite interesting.

First Half Comprehensive Highlights

HT Gretna 2008 2 (Raffell 30 McBride pen 43) Berwick 1 (Hussain 7)

We are in all white today versus the white & black hoops of Gretna on another beautiful drizzly day in Southern Scotland. We soon went 1-0 up, a Nicolson flick from a Morrison corner found Hussain at the back post, who tapped in. We’re having plenty of joy from set-pieces. However we didn’t put our chances away and it was 1-1 in the 30th minute – a ball over the top catching our defenders out, Raffell with the goal. First Shot for Gretna. And then a penalty to Gretna after a Nanitelamio handball. 2-1, absolutely shocking. Going back to the DM Wingenpress (4-1-2-3 DM Wide) for the 2nd half – Allan & Watt off for McIlduff & McLaughlin.

2nd Half Comprehensive Lowlights v Gretna

FT Gretna 2008 2 (Raffell 30 McBride pen 43) Berwick 1 (Hussain 7) Att 321 (55 Away)

Gretna were happy to just sit back, so Berwick had the vast majority of the play. Their defenders were blocking nearly everything and their keeper was doing the rest. Feels like one of those FM days. Slaven of for the last 10 as we go 4-2-4, knowing there’s very little chance of getting anything. And it finished 2-1 Gretna – not overly ridiculous if you look at the match stats and see we created no clear or half chances… It does make me worry that we now only really have 1 working tactic/set of players, so I need to have a play around with a secondary/tertiary tactic, having a look at our stats again and what we are good at (Passing mainly), so maybe a vertical tiki-taka?

We have a week off next week before our league match v East Fife on the 31st October so I’ve slipped in a friendly v South Shields for the 24th. This is most probably the last post I’ll do before Christmas so have a good one, and a happy new year If I don’t get a post out before. See you soon.

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