Part 83 – Decisions to be made…..

Here we go again – Another interview offer, this time with Peterhead, like Stirling Albion & Berwick in League 2


Peterhead :

+ League 2, 1.5 Star Rep, Ticket Price £12 (£2 for Civil Service), 49 Season Ticket Holders (13 for Civil Service), Okay Finances, Av. Attendance 593 (121 Civil Service), £200k/annum Salary Spend (£37.38k Civil Service), Owns own ground

– Relocation required (5 hour round trip), 8th, just 6 points off bottom, Some v Expensive Wages that need a cull.

Quite a decent club all in all – looking at the locality on Rightmove you can get a nice semi-detached for £700/month rent. A good resource for looking at how much rent you should be looking at as a percentage of wages is here: – and i’ll use this if and when we relocate in the UK, be it Peterhead or anybody else.

OK, lets interview.

OK – A wage budget of almost £7k/week is a bit of a step up. Start this season, cull some dead wood and remake in my own image sounds pretty appealing TBH. £12k transfer budget as well, which I doubt I’d use. There are a couple of player well above £350/wk that need to be gone I think, unfortunately one is contracted until 2021…And is 33…And is on £800/wk!!!!

Interview done – we shall see how it plays out – I’m very doubtful that I’d get it but we shall see, Peterhead is fairly out of the way geographically 🙂

OK, and now the tough one

And I’ve declined the talks. Its been a good year and a half so far, but I need to move on at some point. Hopefully we can part amicably when it comes to it.

A month-end has passed – Stats-time 🙂

Not much change from 1st December. Interesting as its been a very strong month training-wise. Liking Kieran Balfour’s Decision Making now.

Jamie Innes is now 172cm tall (5ft 8in) & Fraser Burnett is now 80kg.

With our change to Wing Play our Stats DNA has changed somewhat. Our passing has dropped considerably. We are also playing without a playmaker per se, so Kieran Balfour passed the most with just under 37 passes completed be game. Crossing is intersting. Mark Burbidge really does throw them in – Just under 20 attempts per game for 3 complete doesn’t sound amazing but it is the most completions per 90 out of the team. Regan Lumsden continues to be the heading tsar, 17 Key Headers and a 61% completion rate for a CF is mad. Andy Mair’s 5 assists was superb also in a month of 3 Wins, 1 Draw, 1 Loss, 12 goals scored. Lewis Hunter only played once last month, i will start him in place of Niang v BSC as I think he deserves the chance. Lastly we are being caught offside so much less now with our standard lines, though I may move these up slightly this month.

The transfer window has opened. I have room for a loanee, and I think Centre Mid needs strengthening.

Loan offer in for Sean McKirdy (21, 5ft 10in) who wants first team football. Yes please 🙂

And so this post rattles on – another interview offer, this time Berwick Rangers.


Berwick Rangers:

+ League 2, 1 Star Rep, Ticket Price £12 (£2 for Civil Service), 149 Season Ticket Holders (13 for Civil Service), Okay Finances, Av. Attendance 384 (121 Civil Service), £73.26k/annum Salary Spend (£37.38k Civil Service), Room for Loanees (Only 1 currently)

Relocation required (4 hour round trip), 7th, just 6 points off bottom

So relocation would be required. Looking within 20 miles of Shielfield Park, home of Berwick Rangers £450/wk would get you a rural bungalow so proce-wise its a little bit better than Peterhead. Lets go to the interview.

Ok, a fair bit smaller than Peterhead – £2.2k/wk budget and £4k transfer budget, which I’d again not use TBH. Interesting, we will see how it goes.

3rd Jan. Turned down by Peterhead. Bugger.


Tight so-and-so’s – I’m on £325/wk at the moment!! And its all they will offer!!!! So 16 games to make a mark, knowing its possibly a sacking if I don’t, on £50/week less than I’m on at the moment. Now, I work from home and could continue to do so Part-Time if we relocated……I’m taking it!!!

I’ll end it there for today – see you next time for a meet-and-greet plus (maybe) our 1st game in charge Away at Elgin, our friends from the Scottish Cup this year.

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