Part 55 – S2 C1 P1 – June 2019 – 19/20 Pre-Season & Season 1 Round-up

Buckie Thistle gain promotion to League 2 with a comprehensive 5-2 aggregate win over Queen’s Park

The following is a quick run-down of the winners of the cups and leagues across Europe for 2018/19

Champions League – Final to play (Barcelona v Manchester Utd)

Europa League – Winner Chelsea (2-0 v Real Betis)

The standout to me is the Newcastle cup double

As its June 1st all the releases have happened – We now have a player wage bill of £431/wk so £1k/week has left. I will be looking for about 10 players – Even if we average £50/wk for these we will be comfortably under the £1k/wk self-imposed cap.

We have made a few staff signings to back-fill the positions for staff we’ve let go:

Graeme Milne, 26 – Fitness Coach (Fitness 7) £35/wk

Carl King, 36 – Goalkeeping Coach (8,8,8 GKD/GKH/GKS) £40/wk –BLOCKED BY BOARD – Really annoyed when this happens – we have the spaces on the staff screen but we’re not allowed to fill them.

James Montgomery, 30 – Chief Scout (10,10,10 PlA, PlP, Tac) £30/wk (100% N. Irish Knowledge)

Craig Reynolds, 34 – Head Physio (14 Physiotherapy) £40/wk

Mark Wilson, 34 – Assistant Manager (All stats 7 & above, 6 seasons playing at Celtic 2005/06 to 11/12) – £75/wk

We have now tripped into the Transfer window and the following has occurred.

Andrew Mackay is being sought by Stirling Albion (I obviously didn’t get that job) on a Free as he’s been Pay-as-you-Play. Offered him £45/wk, and he’s signed 🙂

We have been invited to have our Reserves team & an U18 team to the respective leagues, which I’ve approved.

It also seems that we are in the Irn-Bru cup as we finished high up the Lowland League table. The only change in our league is Queen’s Park, and with Edinburgh Uni relegated it is still only a 28 game season.

Ok – I’m at 29th June in-game, and we’ve made our first signing.

Mark Burbidge (26, 5ft 7in) has joined from Kilbirnie Ladeside on a free, having played 8 games from Clyde in League 1 in 2017/18. We will be our starting Right winger.

Very solid for this level – 14 crossing deserves a Striker with > 14 heading & > 14 Jumping Reach. Decent pace as well, and he comes in as our best player by currently by star rating. Clappers has been tasked with welcoming him to the Strollers.

And that gets us to July 1st in game. Lots of irons in the fire, and we need a good 7 or 8 more players. See you soon.

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