Part 53 – S1 C1 P52 Promotion Playoff 2nd Leg – Buckie Thistle (H) 11th May 2019 15:00

Christie Gillies Park – Fortress – Only 10 goals conceded by the Strollers in all competitions this season here

Before our season-defining 2nd leg promotion playoff v Buckie Thistle we have some contract signings to talk about.

6/5/19 – James Hainey (STC) – £30/wk, Stuart McAfferty (Scout) £35/wk. Mark McConnell (DC) – £25/wk, Kieran Balfour (MC) £30/wk, Kevin Oxby (Physio) – £35/wk

7/5/19 – Ross Marshall (Scout) – £35/wk, Conor Cameron (Coach) – £55/wk, David Churchill (MC) – £30/wk, Johnny Devers (M/AMC) – £30/wk, Scott Clapperton (DM/MC) – £30/wk, Andy Mair (AM/DL) – £25/wk, Craig Newall (DL) – £30/wk, Kyle Rankin (GK) – £30/wk

Also Big Kev Waugh has gone from Other Players to our first Highly Influential Player – We really need to get him back on loan next season…..

A little change – we go Tiki Taka. Barras in as an IF(A) on the right, McVitie moves up as a BWM(S), Clappers in as a DM(D). Newall back in as WB(S), Andy mair back up as the supporting winger on the left. Going quite Narrow, we’ll see if they go 4-3-3 from the start again, this will act a bit like a 4-3-3 with our Narrow set-up.

First Half Comprehensive Highlights

HT Civil Service 0 Buckie Thistle 1 (Ross 7)

Calamity – Big Kev’s first real mistake of the season, losing the ball to Ross in the 7th minute near the halfway line, who ran in and scored to make it 1-0. I turned to Gegenpress in the 24th minute. We’re going for a change – 4-4-2 Narrow Diamond.

A little bit of desperation as we need to change the system to try and break this team down. Lets give it a go.

Second Half Comprehensive Highlights

FT Civil Service 0 Buckie Thistle 1 (Ross 7) Att 357 (253 Away)

A really positive start, but no output. Real pressure exerted and a few really good chances but Buckie deservedly came away with the 2-0 Aggregate win, and they will go on to play Queen’s Park in the League 2 Relegation Playoff – Good luck to them.

Last game of the season next up – the South Challenge Cup Final v Gala Fairydean, then decisions. A rebuild with no money v trying to get a job at a (slightly) higher level, money dependant. See you soon.

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