Part 35 – S1 C1 P34 Match Day 14 – Gretna 2008 (A) 1st Dec 2018 15:00

Raydale Park – Home of Gretna 2008

Before we make our 114 mile, 2 hour trip south to Raydale Park in Gretna we have a few things to go through.

Firstly the game time I’ve given Ross Guthrie obviously wasn’t enough – he’s handed in a transfer request and I’ll try and offload him in the January transfer window. Jordan Garden has also asked for game time. What is it about prima donna poachers?

Second as its the 1st of the month I’ve run the numbers from November. One thing I’ve not done is show you how to set Visual Studio/Your SSIS data loading project up to load the data in regardless of file name.

Whate we use to do this is a Foreach Loop Container

I’ve moved the current job into this container (SSIS works a lot with containers to compartmentalise logical portion of work) so it will read any csv file in my load folder, clear data from the [dbo].[stg_all_data_t] table so its ready for the load, do the load then move the csv file to an archive folder.

Before we set the Foreach Container up you need to create a variable called filename to store the name of the file for the foreach container to pass to your flat file connection so it tries to load that file (It should work as the flat file itself should always have the same format and column structure, it will just be named differently.

Click the Variables button (See Variables near the top right of the screenshot)

The variable filename above has a string data type as its taking the name of the file you want to load.

There are many types of foreach loop enumerators – we are using the file enumerator. It is looking in the folder where my csv file is to be loaded from (C:\Conversion\Excel) and its looking for any csv files (*.csv, * is the wildcard meaning any characters are allowed in front of the .csv). We lastly need to map the filename variable on the next tab.

Select the filename variable you have made – the foreach enumerator is ready.

The very last thing you need to do is change the Flat File Connection String to be an expression – and add the filename variable to it (So it tries to load the csv file in the load folder regardless of its name).

This should now be ready – updated SSIS package is here for download:

The attribute changes for November are as follows:

3 falls and 23 rises this month compared to 1st November. Andy Mair is getting braver and fitter (Which helps a lot for a wingback), David Churchill improved his vision (Which is vital for a playmaker), James Hainey his composure (Which is vital for a striker), Kev Waugh improved his reflexes (Obviously jumping between the sticks in training), Kieran improved in 4 areas and both Neil & Tom improved their work rates.

Only Alieau Faye (Marking), Murray McCulloch (Crossing) and Neil McVitie (Finishing) fell in November, but the absolute star was Chris Barras – 12 attribute increases plus he is the first player to show an increase of over 1 point (Concentration, Off The Ball, Passing, Positioning). Its in a large part down to him being only 17 that these increases can happen so fast, but also he has a driven personality plus there must be an innate potential there for him to do so.

From a stats standpoint Murray McCulloch was again top of the completed passes/90 at 110, almost twice as many as anybody else in November. However 3 players have a better key pass/90 number in November, which tallies with what I was seeing – We became much more attacking when I changed to Johnny Devers as the Advanced Playmaker in the 2nd half of the East Stirlingshire game.

Jordan Garden completed the most headers per 90 mins – He will be getting some game time this coming month. Kyle Fee again showed he is good at crossing, though he again only played in the Challenge cup against lesser opponents. The injured Andrew Mackay was next.

Andrew Mackay also attempted the most dribbles, followed by Johnny Devers. Kyle Fee was the top tackler/90, Neil McVitie next. Chris Barras conceded the most fouls, 19, almost twice as many as anyone else (Mainly because Clappers was banned for 3 games). David Churchill & Kyle Fee made the most mistakes.

Clappers was king of the interceptions, at 3.29 per 90 mins, with Kev Waugh next at 2.35. James Hainey was Offside most, 4 players scored 2 goals a piece and Neil McVitie assisted 2 of the 4 assists in November. Full results are here:

To our game today versus Gretna 2008. We won the home game 2-0, and the latest scout report for them shows them as having a couple of good players but a relatively weak squad overall. They play our formation – 4-1-4-1 DM Wide – So I’m hoping our squad strength and form will see us through.

Garden is in for Hainey, that’s the only change since the Vale of Leithen game.

First Half Comprehensive Highlights

HT Gretna 2008 0 Civil Service 0

Interesting game so far, even though its 0-0. We definitely had the better of it and should be a couple of goals up. Garden missed a sitter unfortunately. Maybe there was a little bit of rustiness after 10 days off (We’ve only got 1 game in February, so will need to be careful of that), hoping our fitness shows through in the 2nd half.

Second Half Comprehensive Highlights

FT Gretna 2008 0 Civil Service 0 Att 124 (2 Away)

Not our day, Gretna didn’t have a single shot and we hit the woodwork through Barras late on but we should have put this one away early on. Disappointing but its still a point. Another clean sheet though, and only 4 goals conceded in 14 games in the league!! Josh Donaldson last conceded a goal on 31st October, 619 minutes of play ago!!!

The lead is back down to 7 points at the halfway point in the season from East Kilbride after their win at home to Edinburgh Uni. The next 3 games are massive with regards to the season as a whole – Kelty, under-performing in 9th, East Kilbride in 2nd and Cumbernauld for the 1st time in 4th. If we come through that with at least 5 points we’ll be serious favourites for the title. 5 games this month, all league, all Saturday’s, no excuses.

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