Part 30 – S1 C1 P29 Match Day 10 – Stirling Uni (H) 3rd Nov 2018 15:00

The man, the myth, the legend – Big Kev Waugh (IRL now at Berwick Rangers on loan from Hibs)

So we have ticked over into November, lets have a look at some of the numbers generated from the last data load into our Database.

I’ve fixed the query that gets the above to be centred on the latest month – in that way we get everybody who is in the squad currently v those who were about at the start. Only Jordan Hopkinson & Murray McCulloch showing drops (Determination & Stamina – Murray is an old man bless him and is starting to decline). Big Kev Waugh has his teamwork back to Initial levels now but the start of last month was Chris Barras – 9 attribute rises!!!!! Thinking a Barras/Faye AM Wide partnership is in order….

Chris Barras has also gotten taller šŸ™‚ Would never have thought to look for these kinds of changes before.

Johnny Devers has put on 3kg in the last 3 months šŸ™‚

We have a few players who have increased in value over the last month (usually you’d decrease month-on-month over a contract).

Ross Guthrie is the only player to show a position change – from straight ST(C) in July to AM(C), ST(C) in August. He also gained AM(C) as his secondary position. I’d love to see Neil McVitie to get DM(C) as a secondary position some time soon.

Kieran Balfour has become a Sicknote unfortunately, going from below Average Injury Susceptibility to Above, but Kyle Fee has gone the other way, so swings and roundabouts there.

With the way we are loading the data (Monthly) we can work out the statistics for any given month by comparing the latest batch to the 1 before (In this case 1st November v 1st October).

So a few surprises, but maybe not due to the South Challenge Cup games against lesser opponents skewing some figures. Both Murray and Johnny had > 2.9 key Passes per game in October which is superb, Mark outheaded Kev slightly, Kyle was a crossing machine in the game v Leith (20% with his 1 Crossing :)), with Andrew MacKay not far back. Chris Barras attempted the most dribbles, Mark out-intercepted Kev, Clappers attempted the most tackles (But kept getting sent off….) with Neil next – Shows DM is tackle-central. Clappers also conceded the most fouls because DM. Chris Milligan made a few mistakes in the game v Leith, but Chris Newall who was ever present is a bit error-prone too. Andrew Mackay was the top scorer and assist-er in his 2 games in the month.

So what I draw from this is that Clappers has some kind of trait that isn’t showing that gets him into trouble from a card standpoint. I really like him as a player – in the comprehensive highlights you really get a feel for the players and he ticks all the boxes for a Ball-Winning DM for me, he just needs to be more selective – it might be his 3 Composure and 6 Decisions causing this but something to ponder. BWM DM Support player Instructions are locked on Tackle Harder – maybe he needs to retrain as an Anchorman where that can be changed….

Our Wings are difficult to staff – Faye, Mackay, Barras & Mair are all very similar. Mackay & Barras shade it on Crossing, Barras & Faye on Dribbling, Mackay & Mair for assists. I’m tempted to give Barras & Faye the nod, maybe use Mair as a WB in place of Newall who makes a few mistakes.

Our Ressies had a friendly away to Huntly Res on Thursday 1st November – losing 4-0 with Joe Boyle being sent off after just 51 seconds (BTW, it wasn’t even a yellow – bloody refs are shocking).

Onto our game v Stirling Uni ( ) sees 1st v 15th – Stirling like most university sides are amateur, and our scouts see them as only having One 3* Current ability player, their Greek goalkeeper who started out as a youngster in Crete (OFI & Iraklis). They have had some good finishes in the Lowland League, best being 2nd to Spartans in the first year of the Lowland League, 2013/14.

We start as mentioned above with Barras & Fay on the wings with Mair as the Left Back. Devers is in as a Mezzala with McCulloch as DLP. Clappers still has 1 more game to sit out. Hainey is the lone wolf up top, but if he is ineffectual Garden will be getting a few games, as he is rated quite a bit higher than hainey by the AM. Stirling line up with the usual 4-5-1 Park-the-Bus.

First Half Comprehensive Highlights

HT Civil Service 1 (Hainey 20) Stirling Uni 0

Another game in the pouring November Rain (13C), we started well controlling the play. Mair was getting involved a lot more as the Wing Back. In the 20th minute a cross from Mair picked out Hainey, who headed in past a floundering Keeper from 12 yards to make it 1-0 to the Strollers. However this is the first game I remember this season (This is the 24th inc. cups and friendlies) where we haven’t had the majority of possession. I will change the midfield up a bit I think – Devers as the AP, McCulloch as a CM.

Second Half Comprehensive Highlights

FT Civil Service 1 (Hainey 20) Stirling Uni 0 Att 65 (1 Away)

Stirling started the half well, playing the ball around but without a real cutting edge. Churchill came on for Devers, Newall on for Faye, Barras moving to IF on the right, Mair to AML, Newall to Left Back. Stirling kept possession well but again couldn’t break the Strollers down and it finished 1-0 – Another 3 points against a team set up to thwart us in attack. Andy Mair was MOTM, playing most of the game at Leftback, so something that needs to be looked at. 27 points from 30, a really good start to the season, only 4 games from halfway done šŸ™‚ We also had 64 home fans today, so up 50% on earlier on in the season. Will we get to 100 this season??

Big game next Saturday – 1st v 2nd, we travel to Alloa where BSC Glasgow groundshare with Alloa Athletic. They also seem to be proponents of the 5-4-1…. Lets see what we can do, a win would be mahoosive, even at this point in the season.

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