Part 17 – S1 C1 P16 – Analyse This

We now have our data for the period up to 1st September 2018 for the mighty Civil Service Strollers (Or maybe you’ve used you own data, if so <<insert club name here>>) and we can start having a look at what we can get out to help us manage our respective clubs.

We have a few ways to go about this – we can simply run a query in SSMS to get results back, we can make a stored proc that SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services) runs and build a report based on that data, we can supply a dataset to statistical software like R to perform tests such as ANOVA and multiple linear regression to see what attributes affect what statistics in what way as per FMTahiti in his Stats Lab on Dictate the Game.

Firstly it would be good to write a query that pulls out some summary stats, and encapsulate it in a stored proc so it can be used by SSRS – A copy of the summary stored proc I’ve made is here:

You can either EXECUTE the proc in an SSMS query window, or you can use it as a Dataset and build a report on it in SSRS.

SSRS is made up by Data Sources (Your Database) and Datasets (The Stored Proc). The rdl. file that you can open up and look at in Visual Studio is here: – You will need to create a shared data source to the main database.

The output for this is below

You can get all the pertinent stats in one place sorted by one of the columns (in the above usually by the completed in 90 minutes column).

We can also have a look at the player attributes – how they relate to all the roles – but as that is quite involved we will do that next time.

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