Part 8 – S1 C1 P7 – Meet the Staff

I inherited The Assistant Manager, Chief Scout & Head Physio when taking over the Strolllers, and have signed 6 other staff members to fill out the ranks.

The resultant comparison to the rest of the league is as follows:

Best Scouting and Physio teams across the board, best Technical coaching and top 2/3 for the other coaching categories across the board. Any weaknesses unfortunately are either myself or the inherited staff.

Andy Pearce (38) – Manager

5% reputation, National A Licence through choosing Semi-Pro (Which is true in my distant youth as a Keeper). Balanced is seemingly my middle name. £325/wk part-time contract.

Kyle Dowie (33) – Assistant Manager

An inherited staff member, OK mentals but I’ll be looking for a upgrade next season (Don’t tell him though, could be awkward…).

Conor Cameron (31) Coach

Signed on the 4th July, Conor has good attributes for this level and I’m glad to have been able to get him – Attacking coaching style and Very Cautious Mentality seems to be at cross-purposes though.

Neil McKinna (25) Fitness Coach

Best of a bad bunch, would like better than 6 Fitness but has 18 Working With Youngsters.

Matt Brown (38) Chief Scout

Inherited Chief Scout – Enough Said.

Ross Marshall (36) Scout

OK Scouting and 20 Discipline (Makes sure he gets to all the matches I presume).

Stuart McAfferty (37) Scout

Again OK scouting, nothing major but better than any other scouts in the division.

Derek Conway (25) Head Physio

Inherited. Disciplined & Adaptable. Purveyor of the magic sponge and Deep Heat.

Kevin Oxby (53) Physio

A real person!! Kevin was a physio at Lincoln for 9 years so has a decent pedigree at this level. 13 Physiotherapy is very good for this level.

Gerry Fleming (33) Reserves Manager

Good Working with Youngsters (I’d always look for this with reserve-type managers) – might struggle to keep him.

Overall we’ve not got a bad bunch – as I said i’ll look to upgrade before next season.

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