Part 3 – S1 C1 P2 – Team Comparisons

The Team Report in FM19 gives some interesting comparisons in the tab of the same name, where you can look at your teams’ level against the other teams in our league at position and attribute type level. First up is the General Tab (Please note I’ve taken these screenshots just before our first league game, we will look at the squad and pre-season in coming posts).

So we are slightly younger, taller, heavier and more expensive than the average team. Note with all of the below they numbers are skewed by a larger squad. Next up we look at the All Position Chart.

Better than average passing, below average on everything else doesn’t bode amazingly well.

Keepers – We have a loan keeper who is the best in the league currently and an OK reserve. The best command of the area in the league should be good for defending set pieces and teams with Wingers.

Defence against the dark arts – Above average Marking, Tackling, Positioning, Acceleration and Pace makes me confident we will be difficult to break down, with balls over the top less of a threat.

Midfield – Slightly above average Vision, with good Passing, Tackling, Technique and Decisions is making me thing Control Possession could be a good Business-As-Usual tactic.

Attack – Good Finishing, Off The Ball, Pace and slightly above average Heading – Pass Into Space maybe? Next up are the Attribute areas across the whole team.

Physicals – Agile, Quick and slightly more naturally fit – Slightly higher tempo play

Mentals – Our biggest weakness, though that is normally the way in lower leagues. Good Anticipation, Concentration and Positioning making me wonder whether having a Counter-Attack tactic being trained is a good idea as well

Lastly Technicals – The defensive technicals are really nice across the squad – build a solid core, maybe a 4-1-4-1 so we have 3 centrally defensively minded players that the core can be built around

So all in all relatively positive (Note this is after a few players have been brought in and a few let go) . In the next post we will look at the squad as it is just before the first game of the season (Gretna 2008 at Home on 4th Aug 2018)

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