Part 2 – Season 1 – Club 1 – Overview

Civil Service Strollers – Christie Gillies Park

Phew, we got our first choice!

Civil Service Strollers, founded in 1908, entered the Lowland Football League in the 2016/17 season, previously playing their football in the East of Scotland regions at tiers 6 & 7 of the Scottish Football Pyramid ( ).

They have won one piece of silverware in current times, the SFA South Region Challenge cup in the 2017/18 season.

Christie Gillies Park, the home of the Strollers since 1957 holds 1,569 people with 100 seated in a small stand on the North side of the ground.

We are in the Lowland League at tier 5 of the Scottish football pyramid, with the season preview having us finishing 5th – a 7-1 shot for the title. The league itself is ranked at 157th in terms of reputation (1/2 star), just above the Polish 4th Division, slightly below the 8th Tier in England. Any future managerial roles should be in leagues of a higher reputation, though I’m not limiting myself to anything in that respect.

With a wage budget of £1,322/wk I’ve inherited a few players that will need to be moved on, but its definitely not too bad.

In the next post I will look at the team in more depth with a comparison to the other teams in our league this season.

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