Part 1 – Unemployed

We start the game as per usual on Monday 25th June 2018. I’m currently a Sassenach living in the beautiful Kingdom of Fife. I want this to be realistic, so I’m going to start relatively low down in Scotland in the Lowland League. There are 3 clubs needing managers that are near enough to me geographically for any part-time commuting to be financially doable. They are:

Civil Service Strollers – – based in North-West Edinburgh they would be a 43 minute, 33 mile journey from home. At £1.22/litre in our current car that’s £6.50 per round trip. With the expected part time contract such minor quibbles are important 🙂

Edinburgh University – – based in South-East Edinburgh they would be a 57 minute, 46 mile journey – £8.98 per round trip

Whitehill Welfare – – Based in the village of Rosewell south of Edinburgh they would be almost the same distance and time as Edinburgh Uni – 57 minutes and 47 miles – £9.28 per round trip

The final positions in the 2017/18 season were thus:

So from a ease of commute and relative strength of team there was one stand-out. All 3 were applied for as above, and the round of interviews began (I’d like these shaken up a bit in FM20 as they get boring very quickly)

Civil Service stood out again with a maximum wage bill of £1200/week, compare to less than £1k for both the other teams, so that’s where my hopes were pinned.

Where would I be plying my trade in my first season of management? See you for Part 2

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