Part Zero

Why are we here………

Lets get the philosophy out of the way first 🙂 I’ve been playing CM/FM since CM 97/98. If you love football you’ve most probably come into contact with the series at some point. Over the last couple of years I’ve really gotten back into regular game-play, mostly because I came across a few YouTube Creators playing FM18. They were:

https://www.youtube.com/user/DoctorBenjyFM/ – Ben’s Thames series was a major influence, very well put together and he tells a story really well. https://www.youtube.com/user/SecondYellowCard/ – Matt’s B67 series was brilliant from the gameplay aspect – the possibility of taking a team from Greenland as far as he did was amazing.

So I decided to have a go myself – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC49CuCMPebNZZh6PBlE1mrQ – With a couple of lower league saves, Guernsey in the English Football Pyramid and a resurrected Vulkan Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy in the Russian Football Pyramid.

Both suffered from being remote geographically, and as such I struggled with promotions due to not really being able to get the quality of players needed to move on and upwards. At the end of the day I got bored and stopped enjoying it.

Before that however I had hearkened upon another couple of creators in FM19, one of whom is doing a couple of amazing saves currently, and one who has a semi-fictional league and is doing a really strong play-through.

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-3wJqf60YbC6jzAfPRm2ig – Loki Doki (Jon) has both a superb lower league to legend going on with Fort William and a brilliant Journeyman that started in Luxembourg and is currently in Italy. He is definitely one of the best creators I’ve seen.

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCN0EpFqPAwCsEMygWV1qy8A – FMTahiti (Pelham) started a semi-fictional French Polynesian save with the Humpbacks of Rurutu about the same time as I started my save with Guernsey, and he has told a very interesting story. He also did a few pieces on something that is also near an d dear to me – Data Analysis.

My day job is as a SQL & Business Intelligence Developer – Basically creating databases, moving data around/between databases and designing reporting from data on databases. Pelham’s work got me thinking about how I could get data out of FM, into a database so I could start working with it so I could be better informed about the team I was managing.

So I started thinking about a blog format – Where I can go into much more depth in telling a story than I ever can in Youtube – around a Journeyman save (Never done one before and after watching Loki Doki its something that really appeals) incorporating ways and means of getting data out of FM19 and using it (Thanks Pelham). And that’s why we are here.

Ladies and/or gentleman – I present to you, my FM Journeys.

The Rebuild – #FM20 OS9 C3 S1 – Part 89 – Everton – Post-Season 26/27, Pre-Season 27/28

Let’s prove Hansen wrong (Again)

Welcome back to Goodison for the rebuild – We will play through the Summer of 2027 up until opening day.

Firstly all the end of season gumph.

Of the Current players we have Dodo and Prescott in the 1st XI, Rogerio, Maresic, Aribo & Chong on the bench.

Building for the Future with Matt Harris!

Everton had a horrendous first 5 games but were in a decent spot coming up to half-way through the season, but their drop in form saw me take over with them in 13th. We did very well to get back to 9th. Goodison is 95% full on average, may need an upgrade soon.

The Board are still ahppy with a top-half finish next season. Fine. Dynamics are Good/Very Good/Very Good, and the End of Season Team Meeting sees the team happy with going for a top-half finish in 27/28.

We get a £2.6m tax bill.

Will need to get back into Europe in 28/29 – hopefully UCL!!! 279k shirts sold which is really good.

Wage Budget – £2.6M/Week (Current £2.4M). Transfer Budget £65M. Will try and break even.

What did I say! – Goodison will be expanding to 50,000 capacity, ready by the end of September!!! £38M, £3.6k per seat… That will be the 8th biggest stadium in the EPL with West Ham and Newcastle, in the Championship promotion playoff both having larger capacities.

Matt Harris set a club record with 13 assists last season. Looking for a lot more next.

Three of the lads get International call-ups for the June internationals (Euro 2028 Quallies)

Takeover Rumours not to be believed apparently… Might try and get some transfer business done relatively early just in case.

Tahith Chong and Yusuf Yazici (Not our Player, on loan from Marseille) also get international callups. And A couple of days later Jamal Lewis is called up to the Northern Ireland squad,

Three more call-ups, plus Gbamin & Aribo are going to the African Nations Cup in Mali.

James Errington came 3rd in the EPL Player of the Month award for May. I came 2nd in manager of the Month.

We are currently £42M in the black – the £38M ground expansion offset by £42M sponsorship.

One of the Kids, Stewart Ferguson (18yo DC) is called up to the Scottish U19’s.

Somehow I’m only a C+ with the board!!!


Rafael Munoz (19yo CWB, Spanish U21 international) comes in from AA Gent in Belgium for £25M on a 5 year deal. Mad physicals for his age and 2-footed, looking forward to seeing him develop. He will be sharing time this coming season with Dodo at right back. He will come in at the start of the transfer window in a week.

We’ve had the first of the internationals – Edon Zhegrova getting a goal in Kosovo’s 4-1 win over Andorra. Tahith Chong played 64 minutes in The Netherlands 3-1 loss to Poland and Yusuf Yazici played 56 minutes in Turkey’s 8-0 win over Lithuania.

More call-ups – Garreth Cross, Obinna Ali and Stephen Garner go to the England U19’s, Matt Harris to the Germany first-team.

Dario Maresic played in Austria’s 4-1 win over Belarus and Olexandr Zinchenko played in The Ukraine’s 1-0 loss to Belgium.


Look at the state of this Fella!! Jefferson Felliphe (18yo MR Wonderkid, Brazilian U20 caps) joins on a 5-year deal for £23M from Sao Paulo. 3* CA, 5* PA, again, mad physicals, he will be sharing the right-wing role with Mathieu Renault.

More internationals – Edon Zhegrova played 90 in Kosovo’s brilliant 0-0 with The Netherlands and Yusuf Yazici also played 90 in Turkey’s 4-0 win over Andorra.

Jamal Lewis played in Northern Ireland’s 1-0 win over Croatia – David Dallas with the goal 🙂

First 2 in – B-‘s…

Dario Maresic played 90 in Austria’s 2-1 win over Belarus and Olex Zinchenko played 64 minutes in the Ukraine’s 2-1 loss to Romania.

The Euro U21’s have started – France drawing 2-2 with Spain, Mathieu Renault played the last 24 minutes.


Didn’t know much about this, 15yo left-back Andy McEvoy goes to Spurs for £3.9M going up to £7M. He has potential, but will need a lot of development to get there. 40% of the profit of the next sale as well could be nice.

Some more internationals – Jean-Phillipe Gbamin played in Cote D’Ivoire’s 1-0 win over Venezuela and Joe Aribo played in Nigeria’s 1-1 draw with South Korea.


29yo Club Captain Leonardo Forcato goes to China for £25M – On 1st July.

Some Euro U21’s action. Enzo Lacoste played 7 minutes in France’s 3-1 win over Italy, Mathieu renault played 24 minutes. new signing Rafael Munoz played 29 minutes in Spain U21’s 4-1 win over Norway.Stewart Ferguson played 72 minutes of Scotland U19’s 2-2 draw with Russia and a couple of the lads played in England U19’s 2-0 win over Belgium – Garreth Cross and Stephen Garner.


We welcome 19yo Kris de Moor (Belgian U21 international, MC Playmaker) for £25M from AA Gent (again). Another wonderkid, Kris is resolute and is just an all-around beastie of a player. Like the other 2 signings he comes in ranked as the best in the squad in his position!! He will make a formidable midfield even better with Gomes and Lacoste.

I get a B for that one 🙂

the Irish Premier Division up to 34th best league now 🙂 Just below the Slovak first division 🙂

More internationals. New-Boy Kris de Moor played in Belguim U21’s 4-1 win over Ireland, getting a goal. Tahith Chong played in The Netherlands 3-0 win over Iceland and Yusuf Yazici played in Turkey’s 1-0 loss to Ecuador.


Another kid going – striker Gary Moss to Leeds. Not too bothered by this one though, only a 47 Scout report.

33yo Emre Can off to Brighton. Good business, even though we are paying just under £20k/Wk of his wages.

18yo Mark May goes to Fulham for £3.8M. Another youngster with a bit of potential, but will need to work very hard to achieve it (47 Scout report).

And 20yo Midfielder Dean Miley is off to Huddersfield for £93k

26yo Nathan Ferguson goes to West Ham. 2.5* CA on £57k/wk – a good deal (39 Scout Rating!!)

France U21’s beat Norway 5-1 – Both Enzo Lacoste and Mathieu Renault getting sub appearances. Rafa Munoz played 58 minutes in Spain U21’s 0-0 with Italy.


Alex Richardson (23yo STC) goes to AFC Wimbledon for £160k. 40 Scout rating.

James Errington played the full 90 as England U21’s beat Poland 4-0. New-boy Kris de Moor played in Belgium’s 1-0 loss to Russia.

Marco Kana (24yo DM & Belgian International) goes to Zenit for £14.25M. 49 scout rating and doesn’t fit out formation going forward.

Jean Gbamin had a shocker for Cote D’Ivoire versus Angola – 5.9 and a sending off.

Joe Aribo played 90 in Nigeria’s 3-1 win over Guinea-Bissau in the African Nations.

James Errington had some sub time in England U21’s 2-1 win over Portugal. Lacoste and renault both had time in France U21’s 2-2 with Belgium. Rafa Munoz had 17 minutes in Spain U21’s 2-0 win over Russia.

More consortium takeover rumours… glad I’ve got a good few bits done already.


19yo Romanian Centre-back Tiberiu Hagi joins for £1M from Dunarea Calarasi. 82 Scout Rated, 4.5* PA, very promising indeed for very little outlay.

Really solid, good attributes in the right areas.

And a B for that signing.

Enzo Lacoste and Mathieu Renault had more sub time for France U21’s in their 2-1 loss to Spain in the 1st Euro U21 Semi Final – Rafa Munoz started for Spain.

James Errington played in England U21’s 1-0 loss to Germany in the 2nd of the Euro U21 Semi Final.

Fixtures released – We start at home to West Brom, my first Merseyside Derby is in mid-September 🙂 We get £95.1M for TV Rights for the coming season. The main issue why English teams are a bit OP in FM. I notice we get that in dribs and drabs though, so it doesn’t help at the moment.

Joe Aribo played in Nigeria’s 1-0 win over DR Congo, getting an assist.

Matt Harris’ 7.51 average from 43 appearances is a new Everton record.

Jean Gbamin played in Cote D’Ivoire’s 3-0 win over Burkina Faso.

(Some of) the players are now back in training at the start of pre-season.

Kris De Moor scored in Belgium U21’s 3-1 win over Denmark and Rafa Munoz played in the U21 Final for Spain, losing 1-0 to Germany.

We are in Hong Kong for a 10-day Training Camp – Just arranged a couple of friendlies.

Joe Aribo played in Nigeria’s 1-0 loss to The Gambia.


20yo ML Sean Fox is moving to Rotherham – He will be out of contract at the end of the game day so is valued at £170 🙂

A few other players released.

C+ with the board – they don’t like that we’ve spent money to get the wonderkids in the door.


20yo Belgian U21 GK Matteo Rossi joins from St. Truidense for £21M. Already rated higher than Rogerio Matteo has 5* Potential – Another massive building block in for the future.


31yo Jean Gbamin off to Valencia. 40 Scout Rated.

30yo Lucas Tousart off to St. Petersburg. 49 Scout Rated.

So we now have £43M in the bank, a Transfer Budget of £66M but are £13k/Week over wage budget. Need to get rid of a few more of the oldies.

And we reach our first friendly – The John Stones Testimonial versus newly-crowned Champions of Europe Man City.

3rd July – Friendly – Man City 2 (Sterling 36, Rodrigo 53) Everton 3 (Nketiah 15, 51, Gomes 67) Att 55,097 (2,754 Away)

Since leaving Everton in 2016 John Stones has been ever-present for man City IRL and in-game, until last season when he only played 8 times (He’s 33 in game). Just expecting a run-out this evening. But we ended up running out as winners against a strong side containing De Bruyne and the like. Very impressive, Nketiah was on fire.

Expecting 27,400 Season tickets to be sold this season, not bad.

Our star man – 5* CA.

Joe Aribo played in Nigeria’s 3-0 win over Ghana in the African Cup of Nations 2nd Round.

We are now on our training camp in Hong Kong, and we have a friendly versus Happy Valley.

7th July 2027 – Friendly – Happy Valley 0 Everton 10 (De Moor 2, Lacoste 17, Felliphe 27, Zhegrova 33, Terrier 39, Nketiah 46, Renault 50, Harris 53, Errington 67, Gomes 69) Att 3,200 (160 Away)

As expected a big win, but the extraordinary thing was it was 10 different scorers 🙂

A week now before the 2nd friendly of the Tour (Kitchee) so time to get some good training done and go and see the sights 🙂

Joe Aribo played in Nigeria’s 1-0 African Nations Quarter Final win versus hosts Mali.

Our U18’s lost 2-0 to Reading in their first friendly.

James Errington also showing improvements – not far behind Matt Harris.

Our U23’s draw 1-1 with Dartford in their first friendly – Goal from a non-player.

The Euro U19’s has now started – Obinna Ali & Garreth Cross played in England’s 4-0 loss to Spain.

Joe Aribo played in Nigeria’s 0-0 with Cote D’Ivoire and subsequent penalty loss in the African Nations Semi Final.

14th July 2027 – Friendly – Kitchee 0 Everton 16 (Prescott 3, 24, 32, De Moor 35, Errington 45+3, 66, Nketiah 47, 78, Zhegrova 50, 52, Lacoste 56, de Jong 58, Terrier 71, 73, Renault 75, 89) Att 6,374 (1,519 Away)

Our 2nd friendly in Hong Kong. A nice morale booster 🙂


Tahith Chong goes to Lyon. that’s £100k wages back. and a bit of spending money. Transfer Budget now £97M, and we have £110k wages below budget.

Gavin Coyle and Garreth Cross played in England U19’s 1-0 loss to France.

We are back in the UK after our training Camp – sneaking in a home friendly as I’ve been inundated by Friendly offers from far and wide – this may be our only home friendly.

17th July 2027 – Friendly – Everton 4 (Dodo 23, Zhegrova 43, Prescott 50, Davies 66) Chorley 0 Att 16,454 (66 Away)

Chorley are in the Vanarama National in game. A solid win.


19yo Mexican U20 International Fernando Trujillo (Left footed BPD/Libero) joins from Chivas for £3M. 76 rated by the scouts, gets a B+ from the fans. He has some brilliant physicals for his age – looking forward to seeing him progress.

21yo England U20 international Mitchell Douglas joins from Sporting Kansas City for £10M. He started his career at Aston Villa before moving to the MLS. A B-, but mainly another Englishman in the squad.

Solid, great passing, teamwork & work rate plus naturally fit – BBM I think.

Garreth Cross got a few minutes in England U19’s 2-1 win over Scotland.

Our U23’s beat Bolton U23’s 61- – goals from 21yo AMC Nathan Smith, a brace from 19yo Shay Walker and a hat-trick from 33yo Yussuf Poulsen.


23yo DC Joe Smith-Dalton goes back to Eintracht Frankfurt of the Bundesliga for the season. he’s 47 rated by our scouts, so nice to get his wages covered. He played 26 times for them last season and played 34 for Rangers the season before.

21st July 2027 – Friendly – Southampton 0 Everton 2 (Aribo 84, Nketiah 90) Att 10,105 (1,521 Away)

We travel to St. Mary’s to play newly-relegated Southampton this afternoon. We ground them down and two good goals from Aribo and Nketiah got us over the line. Nketiah will be getting a fair amount of game-time this season.

An interesting piece – We are the best of the rest in matchday income after the big 6. The capacity increase to 50,000 will help narrow that gap to Liverpool.

7th favourites, so just outside the big 6, not far off of Spurs – I want top 6 this season and Europe next.

New-Boy Fernando Trujillo played 90-mins for Mexico U22’s(!) 1-0 loss against Uruguay in the 2027 Pan-American Games.

Our U18’s drew 2-2 with Notts Forest, goals from 17yo AML Sean McCulloch & 16yo MC Jimmy King.

24th July 2027 – Friendly – AS Monaco 0 Everton 2 (Errington 21 De Moor pen 26) Att 17,998 (899 Away)

A decent test today against a Monaco side that finished 2nd in Ligue 1 last season and got to the Europa League Quarters (Knocked out by Ajax). Monaco have a 33yo Eric Dier playing as right-back. A good win, we dominated the first half but had to tighten up in the last 10 as Tiberiu Hagi got sent off for a professional foul. Regardless a really decent win.

Almost 31,000 Season Tickets sold – Solid seeing as we only have a 34,700 capacity until late September.


33yo Yussuf Poulsen goes to Trabzonspor for the season – Now £120k/wk under wage budget which is cool.

Our U23’s beat Plymouth 5-0 – Ricky Davies (21yo MC) With all 5 goals!

27th July 2027 – Friendly – AZ Alkmaar 2 (Koopmeiners 22, Hajib 90+1) Everton 1 (Errington 48) Att 25,211 (x Away)

We make the trip to the Netherlands to play an AZ side that finished last season 4th in the Eredivisie and had UCL football, finishing bottom of Group G. Somehow we lost a game where we had 41 shots to 4 against. Plus Harris got an upper body injury and De Jong got sent off for a gorgeous sliding tackle. Totally FM’d

Matt Harris – Broken Ribs – 5 to 8 Weeks. Fuck Off.


Martin Terrier goes off to Slavia Prague until the New Year – More money coming back in. £200k wage budget and £80M transfer budget left – And I have my one a beautiful Brazilian wonderkid…

Tiberiu Hagi goes off to Konyaspor to get decent amounts game time in a decent league. The next Gica (Gheorghe) Popescu apparently (Spurs and Braca in the mid 90’s)

Our U23’s lost 2-1 to Watford, 20yo STC Lee Robinson with the goal.

Fernando Trujillo played 90 in Mexico U22’s 3-0 loss to Argentina in the Pan-American Games.

32yo Yerry Mina also off to Slavia Prague until Christmas. Just under £300k/wk wages left now.

31st July 2027 – Friendly – Atlanta (ARG) 0 Everton 5 (Felliphe 1, Prescott 14, De Moor 30, Prescott 36, Nketiah 74) Att 7,182 (1,264 Away)

We make the trip to Argentina to play 2nd Division Club Atletico Atlanta (I fucked up, was positive that was Atalanta) in a testimonial for Nicolas Previtali, 32yo Playmaker. Why did they ask us? Very odd. A decent result seeing that Kris De Moor got sent off for absolutely nothing in the first half.

So that’s that for friendlies, I will run through until the morning of the first league game versus West Brom.

Dundalk – Out in the 2nd Qual Rnd of the UCL on away goals to Qarabag!!! FFS. Europa League 3rd Quallies versus Craiova for them next. Very very disappointing.

As we tick into August I’m a C+ with the board (They haven’t liked the firesale) but Dynamics are Good/Excellent/Very Good, so not been affected too much.

We lose Rogerio (Joint best Keeper with Rossi) for a few weeks with a Groin Strain.

Our U23’s beat South Shields 3-0 – Goals from 20yo DC Harry Boyle and a brace from 21yo Des Higgins.

We’re at Transfer Deadline Day – I have 1 iron in the fire currently, from Czechia (The Brazilian I mentioned above came back with a 58 Scout rating and wasn’t as good in the areas I needed as I thought he was.)

Dundalk see Colm McShane to Motherwell for £230k…


18yo 91-Scout-Rated Wunderkind Vaclav Prochazka (D/AMC) joins from Banik Sotrava for his release fee (£11.75M).

At 6ft 5in with 20 Flair and 16 Tackling I will be training him as a BPD. And he’s a Lefty as well. Glorious.


16yo Brian Whelan (27 scout rated) MC goes to Leeds for £1.2M

21yo STC Des Higgins goes to Portsmouth in the Championship for the season.

We are 9th in Wages/Week in the EPL – Moneybags Bournemouth the highest outside the Top 6. Burnley bottom ay £1.1M/wk

The Transfer Window is done – we were biggest spenders overall (£120M on 8 players)

We did raise £145M to do what we needed though, really trimming the fat. Very happy with the players we have now in our 25.

Hoping that the young defenders we have brought in kick on. We are a bit reliant on Matt Harris on the left, and will be without him for the first 3 weeks of the season. And maybe in January we will have a look at a 4th striker, but apart from that all good.

A decent pre-season, The AZ game a blip and major FM-ing. 5 games in the next post – Man U will be a good test early doors, anything from that game would be superb and we have a Carabao Cup 2nd round game where some of the Kiddies will get a game. See you soon.

We’re off to Wem-Ber-Ley – #FM20 OS9 C3 S1 – Part 88 – Everton – May 2027

Everton v Arsenal – First FA Cup Final for Everton since 2008/9

Welcome back to Merseyside for the end of the 2026/27 Season. Three League games and the FA Cup Final 🙂

No losses in my 6 games with Everton so far – W5 D1 – And I’m hoping to maintain that. But mainly we need to win the FA Cup Final to get European Football next season (I’m pretty sure that’s still the case in game)

We’ve signed Attacking wideman Bradley Prescott to a 5-year contract – £85k/wk for a 23yo 4* CA player worth £50M.

Enzo Lacoste comes 2nd in the EPL Young Player of the Month for April.

I get 3rd in manager of the Month – Eddie Howe (Man Utd) and Tommy Tuchel (Liverpool) 1st and 2nd.

18yo Keeper Gavin Coyle has been called up to the england U20 World Cup squad.

We are the late game again on Saturday 1st May, and there are some interesting results before the game.

Chelsea remain in charge with 2 games left – a good 3-0 win versus Leicester. Liverpool dispatch Millwall and Arsenal go to Vicarage Road and dismantle Watford but the biggest shock of the day was at the City of Manchester Stadium – West Brom with a massive win, putting them 4 points clear of the relegation zone, Man City almost certainly not going to win the league now, 5 points behind Chelsea. Fulham have 6th place in their hands as well as Tottenham lose 2-1 to a Southampton side still 2 points from safety, Derby with a game-in-hand in 17th. Millwall all-but-mathematically relegated.

1st May 2027 – Norwich (H) – English Premier League

FT Everton 4 (Renault pen 12, Errington 52, 70, Nketiah 90+5) Norwich 1 (Dodo o.g. 75) Att 35,376 (2,115 Away)

Norwich have a had a good season and will be a tough opponent – lots of losses recently but to the top 6 mainly. A quiet opening, but we get a penalty in the 12th minute – Dodo fouled (very soft) by Andy Robertson. Mathieu Renault steps up… 1-0 Everton, tucked bottom right past Jordan Pickford (33yo, left Everton for £9M just before the 25/26 season). Norwick playing Cautiously. Everton very much on top, but its a pretty dour half highlight-wise. 1-0 at the break. Should have been 2-0 in the 50th minute, Prescott missing a 1-on-1 after a great counter. We do go 2-0 up a couple of minutes later, Errington with a nice header from a Renault cross, again after a fine team move and work from Prescott. And we make it 3-0 in the 70th minute – Errington again stabbing home from close range after great battling, another fine team move, Lacoste and Harris involved. Disappointingly Norwich get a goal back in the 75th minute – Dodo with the final touch as a back-post header from a corner deflects in off of him. Time ticks down and we seal the deal 5 minutes into a stoppages, another clinical counter, Eddie Nketiah finishing beautifully. It finishes 4-1 – A brilliant performance.

Top half 🙂 Chelsea in charge of the title race, would be brilliant if we can pass Bournemouth but I’m very very happy with the quality of the lads play at the moment. We have the core of a very good side, we just need to build out the weaker areas, get rid of dead-wood and bring on the talent we have in the youth setup. West Brom next up at theirs in 7 days, the penultimate league game of the season.

£4.3M going to Norwich after Jamal Lewis played his 50th game for Everton against them.

Stoke keep their hopes of staying up alive with a clutch win versus Brighton, and Fulham go 6th by a point by beating a Derby side now on the precipice. If (No WHEN!) we win the FA Cup I think we will deny 7th a European place, so that would be massive for Spurs.

James Errington made the EPL Team of the Week

Our U18’s threw a first leg 2-0 win away versus Tottenham in the FA Youth Cup final, losing 4-1 on the night and 4-3 on aggregate.

On the same night our U23’s beat Wolves 3-2 – Goals from Tahith Chong, Yussuf Poulsen and 20yo Irish MC Dean Miley.

8th May 2027 – West Brom (A) – English Premier League

The Hawthorns, West Bromwich, Capacity 26,688 (In Game and IRL)

We make the trip down the M6 to play a West Brom side sitting in 16th and all-but-mathematically safe from relegation this season. The expectation is a win, but it was against Millwall as well, and in their last game they beat Man City away…

FT West Brom 0 Everton 3 (Prescott 29, 41, Errington 59) Att 26,688 (2,668 Away)

It’s a full program this afternoon in the EPL – We are one of 7 3pm kick-offs, with Arsenal v Chelsea the pick of the games at 5:30. Spurs draw with Watford in the early kick-off, meaning Fulham can pull 3 points clear with a win in 6th. We are top of the form charts currently, so the expectation is of a comfortable win. West Brom playing a 5-2-1-2 WB formation – will try and overload the wingbacks. A decent start, Everton on the front foot, and we could have had 2 goals early except for fine saves. We take the lead in the 29th minute – Bradley Prescott with the header after fine work by James Errington – starting to look like a fine partnership up top. It’s almost an identical goal for the 2nd, Prescott again with the far post header, Harris with the work down the left this time after an amazing long-ball by Keeper Rogerio under pressure. Prescott loving life with his new 5-year deal. 2-0 at the break, lovely job. Matt Harris showing as 66% Condition, so think he might have picked up a knock, even though its not showing, so Zhegrova comes on at Half Time. 3-0 in the 59th minute, a beautifully worked free kick, dinked forward by Prescott and headed in by Errington, Keeper out of position. Beautiful. West Brom start to press a bit more after the 3rd, the boys keeping them out with a succession of saves and blocks. Time runs down and it finishes 3-0 – 12 goals in the last 3 games 🙂

Man Utd, Liverpool & Man City do what they have to – Man U play Bournemouth and Liverpool play Fulham on the final day. Man City are 4 points back. Fulham pull ahead of Spurs in 6th. The bottom 5 all lose.

With Arsenal beating Chelsea 4 teams can still win the League on the final day, and we play Arsenal 🙂 It’s looking like Man U. Millwall and Stoke go down, Southampton have to beat West Brom and hope Derby lose to Spurs – definitely doable. And if we win we could potential finish the season in 8th, a brilliant turn-around from the lads. Arsenal in our last League game of the season in 8 days.

Our U23’s beat Brighton 6-1 – goals from Tahith Chong, Joe Gelhardt (25yo STC) and braces from Ricky Davies (21yo AMC) and Des Higgins (20yo STC).

Captain Leonardo Forcato and Brad Prescott made the EPL Team of the Week.

Three of the lads going to the Euro U21’s in Poland this summer.

Looking at the Championship Burnley and Villa are back up, with Newcastle in the playoff final versus either QPR or West Ham.

16th May 2027 – Arsenal (H) – English Premier League

FT Everton 1 (Harris 45+2) Arsenal 0 Att x (x Away)

We’ve beaten Chelsea and Man City, lets go and ruin Arsenal’s season 🙂 As things are so close I’ll do updates when important goals go in across the grounds as all 10 games are being played at 3pm.

1 Min – Man City 1 Leicester 0 (Unuvar) – Man City go 4th, Arsenal 5th

11th Min – Chelsea 1 Norwich 0 (P Charalabous) – Chelsea go top as it stands

12th Min – Liverpool 1 Fulham 0 (H Mayor) – Liverpool now top, Chelsea 2nd, Man Utd 3rd. Very quiet here at Goodison.

24th Min – Man City down to 10 versus Leicester (N Gerits Red Card)

27th Min – Arsenal have the ball in the net from a free kick, Umar offside in the build up. No Goal.

31st Min – Derby 0 Spurs 1 (A Iwobi) – Spurs back to 6th, Southampton need a goal to put Derby into the relegation zone.

36th Min – Derby 0 Spurs 2 (A Iwobi)

38th Min, chance for Everton, Errington well saved by Luiz Marconi.

45 min + 2 – Everton 1 Arsenal 0 (Matt Harris) – A succession of bad passes ends with Matt Harris intercepting on half way, running all the way in unchallenged and scoring the 1-on-1. Great time to score 🙂 We move up to 9th.

Man Utd 0-0 with Bournemouth at the break – The are 1 goal from the title. And Southampton are 1 goal from safety. Brighton are 3-0 up Wolves so 9th will be the highest we can finish. Let’s ee if we can finish the job, its been very tight so far.

51st Min – Should have been 2-0 Everton, Errington picked out by an audacious Prescott ball over the top, the finish was straigh at the Keeper. we are making inroads.

52nd Min – Derby 0 Spurs 3 (M Ilhattaren)

53rd Min – Man City 2 Leicester 0 (J Hill)

61st Min – Chelsea 2 Norwich 0 (O Dembele)

64th Min – Chelsea 3 Norwich 0 (P Charalabous)



83rd Min – MAN UTD 0 BOURNEMOUTH 1 (A PEARSON) – MAN UTD NEED 2 GOALS IN 7 MINUTES, LIVERPOOL STILL CHAMPIONS AS IT STANDS. We drop back to 10th. Quiet here, We are far on top by chances made and highlights.

90 + 1 Min – MAN UTD 1 BOURNEMOUTH 1 (R DIAS) – MAN UTD NEED 1 MORE GOAL IN STOPPAGE TIME TO WIN THE LEAGUE (Think Man City v Stoke here, have they got an Aguero…..) – We go back to 9th.

90 + 4 Min – Man City 3 Leicester 0 (J Hill)


That’s what final days should be like, can only dream of the atmosphere in Anfields, plus the squeaky bums in Injury time when Man Utd drew level with Bournemouth. Chelsea were champions as it stood for 1 minute, Man Utd 11 and Liverpool the final 78. Southampton were safe for 8 minutes and Derby have dodged a massive bullet. We finish 9th, a superb turnaround from the 13th when I took over 2 months ago. The missing result off the bottom of the page is Wolves 0 Brighton 5. Now – 6 days – lets do that again in the FA Cup Final, lets see who the big-game players are!!!

We get £27.4M for the 9th place finish – £2.2M goes out on bonuses. We are now £23.8M in the black.

Interesting Wages to Turnover info – we are one of the lowest with 42% (Wages £148M Turnover £344M). Chelsea have a turnover of just shy of £750M!!! Madness.

Just seen that Dean Smith is England Manager 🙂 And that England won the World Cup last Summer (2026) – Beating Germany on penalties after a 1-1 draw after 120 minutes. Ben Chilwell with the winning Penalty 🙂

And here we are – the last game of the season – The FA Cup Final

22nd May 2027 – Arsenal (N – Wembley Stadium) – FA Cup Final

Wembley, Capacity 90,000

He we are. Arsenal already have Europa League football next season, win this and we should replace Fulham (I believe). It’s difficult to tell as the Competition Rules don’t say anything and nobody outside the top 7 has won the FA Cup this save. We’ve shown we are in better form than them last time out, but they are still a bloody good side and (rightly) favourites for this.

FT Arsenal 1 (Everton 116) Everton 0 AET, 0-0 FT Att 89,657 (Arsenal 45,013 Everton 44,645 )

Let’s see who the big-game players are shall we? No other games to follow, and its very quiet early on. Just like the league game we are well matched – if anything Arsenal playing quite defensively and trying to hit us on the break. Arsenal with the only 2 highlights, very tight indeed. 0-0 at the break, not a classic. Our first highlight is in the 66th minute – side-netting from Errington. Last 10, we’ve had a couple more good highlights and Rogerio has pulled off a great save from Bellerin. Stoppages…All Over, Extra Time it is.

We are slightly better-off from a condition standpoint, still feel penalties though… No highlights in the first half – their defenders rating high, Harris playing an 8.2. Arsenal have the ball in the net in the 114th minute, Everton(!, Yes, Fuck off game) with the finish, but he was offside in the buildup. But he does finish 2 minutes later, a far post half-volley from a cross from Umar. Bollocks. Time for the kitchen sink (It never works). But we do have the ball in the net, 119th minute, , Errington given as offside. Yep, fair. And it’s all over. Arsenal win 1-0, a real shame. Not FM’d, but we deserved a shot at Pens.

That’s the season done. Judging on my first 10 games with Everton I think we can push for top 6 next season without any European fixture snarl-ups, definitely, with a good clear out and purchase of some good, young talent with top potential.

See you next time for the End of the 2026/27 season malarkey and the build up to opening day of the 2027/28 season.

Up for the Cup – #FM20 OS9 C3 S1 – Part 87 – Everton – April 2027

Need to get past Man City…

Welcome back to Goodison Park for April 2027 – It should be an interesting month.

Tottenham first up in a battle of the new managers, with the Man City game the highlight as our League season is pretty-much done, playing for form and cohesion TBH.

Bournemouth see off Brighton to go 9th, 5 points back on Brighton themselves, keeping Brighton out of the European spots.

Most of the staff have now arrived – we now have the best Attacking, Mental and tactical coaching in the Premier league!

We are the last game on the Saturday 3rd versus Tottenham.

Expected teams winning apart from Man City, with Wolves getting a great draw.

3rd April 2027 – Tottenham (H) – English Premier League

Goodison Park – 39,572 capacity in-game in 2027.

FT Everton 2 (Harris 17, Dodo 40) Tottenham 1 (Parrott 23) Att 35,734 (3,000 Away)

We welcome a Tottenham side with Paulo Sousa as their new manager – 6th in the Premier league, well back on 5th. They’ve won their last 3 league games but went out of the Europa League 4-1 on aggregate to Milan in mid March. 33-yo Harry Kane is still their best player – still very good if not so Physically adept any more. Just looking for a continuation of the 2nd half of the FA Cup Quarter Final please. Kane’s playing wide-right today!! We start out with plenty of the ball. There’s still a hit of Mourinho-ball about them, 6 years later – Men behind the ball, try and Counter. It’s pretty open, some really long highlights, end to end. And we take the lead in the 17th minute. A Zinchenko free-kick met by De Jong on the half-volley, somehow saved by Posavec (IRL at Hajduk Split), cleared by Hamed Junior Traore (IRL at Sassuolo on loan from Empoli) straight at Matt Harris, who knows nothing about it but still gets his 10th of the season 🙂 All you need is a bit of luck. Almost the same again 2 minutes late, but CF Prescott was off. 1-1 in the 23rd – Troy Parrott with a far-post header after we failed to properly clear the ball a few times. Posavec making more good saves. Tottenham look dangerous going forward, but we go back into the lead, 2-1, 40th minute, that little-fella CWB Dodo with a little dribble through the middle, no tackles coming in, and a really nice stabbed finish. We’ve had plenty of chances in this first half to be more goals in front. 2-1 up at the break.

The rain is pouring down on Merseyside – as the crow flies we are only just under 150 miles from Dundalk so it makes sense, we’ve brought it with us. Posavec keeping Tottenham in this with some amazing saves. We’ve been on top most of the half as we approach the final 15. Our Keeper rogerio has had a really good game too, and has made so good close-in saves. We see the game out, a superb 2-1 win against a decent side. Arsenal should be the only game harder left this season in the league by position.

Up to 12th. Watford next in the headlights. 18th placed Southampton next up away in the League in 7 days.

We stay 12th as Norwich spank Leeds, a 33-yo Andy Robertson getting a double in injury time. Fulham now just 3 goals behind Spurs after beating bottom side Stoke. However the bottom 5 are just seperated by 3 points, so its going to be a very tight run-in.

The battle at the bottom sees West Brom move 3 points clear of the relegation zone – West Brom’s manager in-game is Chris Wilder, having a better time of it thatn he has IRL this year. He was sacked by Sheff Utd in 2023 in game.

Dodo made the EPL Team of the Week 🙂 As did the Spurs Keeper Josip Posavec!

Liverpool win to keep Wolves 3 points behind us in 14th/ Looking like a 3-horse race for the title now, possibly 4 with Chelsea’s 2 games-in-hand. Even Arsenal in 5th are there or thereabouts (And we play them on the final day of the season).

Our U23’s beat Walsall 1-0 – the goal from Yussuf Poulsen (32yo, IRL at RB Leipzig).

Three-days before we play Southampton they lose 2-0 to Arsenal. So tight at the top.

Derby move 4 points clear of relegation with a win versus bottom placed Stoke.

Our U18’s lose 2-0 to Burnley, but we have already qualified for the end of season playoffs.

We are the late game again this Saturday as we go to St. Mary’s to play 18th-placed Southampton.

Scenes at Vicarage Road as Watford get a draw after being 2-0 behind in the 89th minute versus Liverpool, who will be massively kicking themselves as the Manchester Derby ended up as a draw, Man City getting a point with an 87th minute equaliser. Arsenal move 2nd with a win on the South Coast and Chelsea pull to within 2 points of 1st with a late win in the Midlands. Tottenham bounce back from losing to us with a good win versus Bournemouth, 10th, who we could move to within 3 points of with a win. And the top half of the table.

10th April 2027 – Southampton (A) – English Premier League

St Mary’s, Southampton, Capacity 40,480 (Increased in-Game in 2025)

FT Southampton 1 (Reeves 18) Everton 3 (Gomes 35, Harris 38, Prescott 89) Att 24,071 (3,000 Away)

We visit a Southampton side managed since November 2026 by Roberto Mancini, who in the Season Preview show as 15th (We show as 7th!!!) We should get a win, but Away games are always tricky, regardless, and Southampton are in a relegation battle. More 4-2-3-1 action (3 teams out of 3 faced), hoping we can continue our form against it. We go forward early, a couple of chances in the first few minutes. Lafont in the Southampton net making a few good saves. But we go 1-0 down in the 18th minute, a Reeves header from a Mazinho cross that we should have cleared. Annoying as we arethe better team. We keep pushing, and get back on level terms in the 35th minute – playmaker Claudio Gomes with a fine goal from just outside the area. And within 3 minutes we are in the lead – a Matt Harris header from an Errington inswinging corner. Better 🙂 2-1 Everton. Prescott on for Chong, who had a knock – having him on the left and Harris on the right as inside forwards cutting-in on their favoured feet. Errington looks like such a worker – as an F9 he tracked all the way back to dispossess their left-winger Reeves. Work Rate. We have the ball in the net in the 66th minute, but there was an offside in the build-up. 82nd minute – Penalty Everton – Errington pushed by Vina. Prescott to take… Saved by Lafont… 7 minutes of normal time left. Drop to Balanced. Prescott makes up for the Penalty though! 3-1, 89th minute, a nice half-volley from a gorgeous Dodo cross-over. Surely that’s that? Nearly caught on the break in the 1st minute of stoppages. But that’s that – 3 wins on the bounce lads!!!!

A point behind Watford, 3 behind Bournemouth but with a game-in-hand and only -1 GD on them. 4 points above Leeds in 13th now, but they have a game-in-hand on us. The biggie next Saturday – Man City in the FA Cup Semi – Man City have Real Madrid on Wednesday in the UCL QF 2nd leg, 1-0 up from the 1st. Extra Time there please 🙂

No relegation this season 🙂

Looking hard for Stoke and Millwall now – Leicester pulling further away from the relegation zone with a 92nd minute winner versus Millwall and Fulham keep pace with Spurs, that man Dom Calvert-Lewin with another goal in their win over Norwich, who will only be 1 point above us if we can win our game in hand (Versus Millwall). And then as we also have to play them we would have our top-half fate in our own hands.

Leeds and West Brom play out a 1-1 – Leeds stay 3 points behind us in 13th, West Brom now 4 points clear of the relegation zone.

Our U23’s beat Spurs 2-1, goals from 18yo DL Jason Purrington and 21yo AMC Nathan Smith.

Dodo made the EPL team of the week again 🙂 Might have a bit of a star (28yo, no Senior caps for Brazil, just very very solid). £18.25M well spent in 2024.

Interesting – 3rd in profits in the EPL – £28M! Watford and Spurs are 19th and 20th, Spurs almost £38M down.

Our U18’s beat Friar Lane and Epworth (Tier 11!!!!) 3-0 – goals from 15yo DL Andy McEvoy, 21yo STC Alan Short and 28yo AML Edon Zhegrova.

Our U18’s are the Champions of Division 1, beating Spurs 3-2, goals from MC Garreth Cross, AML Lloyd Mitchell & STC Gary Moss.

17th April 2027 – Man City (A) – FA Cup Semi Final

City of Manchester Stadium, Capacity 55,097 (IRL and In Game still)

We make the short trip to Manchester to play City in the FA Cup Semi. Extra Time & Pens are possible. Let’s go!

FT Man City 2 (Luis 15, Alli 105+1) Everton 3 (Nketiah 76, Errington 98, Renault 105+2) Att 54,585 (2,754 Away)

Man City currently sit 4th in the EPL in a very tight race, 2 points separating the top 5, and have beaten Real Madrid 4-2 on aggregate in the UCL Quarters – 3-2 at home 3 in-game days ago. Looking for my fabulous front 3 (Prescott, Errington & Harris) to get in amongst them. I’m playing Prescott & Harris on opposite sides, out of position but allowing them to cut inside. We are up against a 4-4-2 for the first time. A pretty quiet start, but Man City take the lead in the 15th minute, a speculative curler from Luis sneaking inside the left post. The Man City players are just first to everything. 1-0 at the break. We’ve not shown anything. The second half is dead, no highlights before 70 minute. Going Positive. ANd then proof that I may well be the best manager in the World 🙂 🙂 🙂 1-1, 76th minute, Eddie Nketiah (First time I’ve played him) brought on for Prescott a few minutes before gets on the end of a lovely Harris cross (Went 4-4-2 at half time, Harris playing as a normal ML Winger. That’s Nketiah’s debut for Everton as well!!! He came to Everton from West Ham for £32M last summer but fractured his arm in a friendly 4 days after joining, and seemingly has never got into the team. Time flying away, last 5… Stoppages… Done. Extra Time it is.

I think the Wednesday UCL Quarter Final is impacting Man City now. We have a highlight, Can’s shot turned behind for a corner. GOAL EVERTON!!! James Errington thundering home a half-volley from close range straight from a Matt Harris corner!!! 2-1 Everton! The marking was shot to bits! But just before the break it’s 2-2, man City Break, Dele Alli on hand to head home. That’s what happens when you come off of Positive! This game has turned into a bit of a madness!! 3-2 EVERTON!!!! Kick off highlight, we end up on a quick break, Matt Harris in the thick of it, his shot saved, and his subsequent cross finds Mathieu Renault who fires home beautifully. Staying positive now! 3-2 Everton at Half time in Extra Time. Man City pushing, and they have the ball in the net! 115th minute, Esposito with the finish. BUT IT’S OFFSIDE!!! Thank fuck!!! Can we see the last 5 minutes out… YES! IT’S OVER!! EVERTON 3 MAN CITY 2. WE’RE GOING TO WEMBLEY LADS!!!!!!

And we will be playing Arsenal, who demolished Derby, Meaning our last 2 games of the season will be against them. Back to reality, Millwall in 3 days, we want to keep this going! We get £2.14M for the win!!!

Winning over the lads already – not even been a month 🙂

Liverpool with points in the bag go top by 2 points with 3 games left versus West Brom, and both Millwall and Stoke lose – Good that Millwall don’t have the benefit of more rest before our game on Tuesday.

We could potentially go 10th with a 2 goal win versus Millwall as Watford get a good point versus Fulham. The bottom 3 haven’t got much time to get out of trouble now, Southampton losing to an early Norwich Penalty.

A massive result – Chelsea beaten by Bournemouth late on – they would have gone 2nd with 2 games in-hand over Liverpool!!!

20th April 2027 – Millwall (A) – English Premier League

The Den, Bermondsey, Capacity 20,146 IRL and In Game

We make the trip down to London on a high from our FA Cup Semi Final triumph. The lads have been rested, let’s have at it.

FT Millwall 0 Everton 0 Att 19,558 (1,973 Away)

Millwall have 2 wins and 13 losses in the last 15 games – we need to be winning these games handsomely. A slow start, but we look good in highlights. But we get to the break at 0-0, with a Red injury to Zinchenko just before the break (Looks like a Hamstring). The second half goes in exactly the same vein – Millwall killing the game wherever possible. A 0-0 bore-draw.

A shame that we couldn’t leapfrog Watford – Looking like 11th or 12th will be our most probable finish. 11th = £22.83M, 12th = £20.55M – Each place is worth between £2 & £3M. Leeds next up – 12th v 14th – in 7 days, our last of the month.

Zinchenko out for a month – might be back for the FA Cup Final.

Man City fail to take the opportunity to go 2nd as Brighton get a brilliant win, A 25yo Mason Greenwood with the equaliser before a 92nd minute winner for Brighton by Andre Anderson (27yo Brazilian, at Lazio IRL).

Our U18’s beat Blackburn U23’s 4-0 – Goals from club captain Leonardo Forcato, Andy McEvoy and a brace from Yussuf Poulsen.

A big afternoon in the EPL – Man Utd go top with a fine away-win at Arsenal, Man City 3rd arresting their slide with a 1-0 away win at Leeds, who we play in 3 days. Chelsea have their fate in their own hands – 4th now, 2 points behind Man Utd with a game in hand after a superb 3-0 win at Tottenham and Watford move 4 points ahead us now with a 3-0 win over West Brom. A big last 3 games coming up.

Our U23’s drew 0-0 with Norwich.

Our U18’s beat Tottenham 2-0 in the FA Youth Cup Final 1st Leg, goals from 17yo MC Stephen Garner and 16yo STC Gary Moss.

27th April 2027 – Leeds (A) – English Premier League

Elland Road, Leeds, Capacity 37,890 (37,792 IRL)

We make the short trip across the M62 to a leeds side currently 14th. It would be nice to keep the momentum up with a win.

FT Leeds 3 (Alessio 38, Nilo 73, 90) Everton 5 (Harris 8, Lacoste 22, 83, Nketiah 28, Errington 52) Att 32,885 (3,000 Away)

A big game today – we need to capitalise on the cohesion gotten in these past few games but we need to do far better than we did against a stolid Millwall side. Leeds go 4-3-3, we go 4-4-2 Wide to counter it. We take the lead in the 8th minute – Nice movement and a pass from Lacoste top Renault, who’s cross finds Nketiah. A bit of a scramble at the near post, Renault gets the ball, dinks to the far post and Matt Harris finishes well. 1-0 Everton early doors. Everton very much on top in the first 15, we’ve hit the post, plus had a header go inches wide. We get the 2nd in the 22nd minute – it all stemmed from Gomes tracking back and making a tackle, then the quick break and pass finds Dodo out wide – pass to renault, his pass gathered by Nketiah, his deflected shot finds Lacoste, who taps in. Very nice lads. And we make it 3 not long after – again tackling back by Lacoste gets us the ball, Errington comes back and runs it up the left, his near-post cross is thundered home on the volley from close range by Eddie Nketiah. 3-0, lovely job. Leeds always look good going forward, but they tend to end up giving us the ball. They do get a goal back in the 38th minute, Alessio with the header after Matt Harris misses a tackle. Should have been 4-1 just before the break – a gorgeous counter, Gomes’s shot saved brilliantly. 3-1 at the break. We come out strongly in the second half, 4-1, 52nd minute, James Errington with the final finish after Leeds are unable to clear. Lacoste with the assist, Errington played on by a Leeds centre back. Leeds get another back, 4-2, 73rd minute, Nilo bundling the ball over the line, not very good defending going on allowing Dujon Sterling a free cross. We make it 5-2, 83rd minute, a fine team goal and a banger from Lacoste to finish. It’s 5-3 in the 90th minute – Nilo with another, another cross from the left (Lewis is struggling with abruised shin apparently). Leeds have the ball in the net again soon after, but Alessio was offside in the build-up. It finishes 5-3 – we need to defend better out wide, but the attacking prowess was amazing 🙂

Chelsea go top and the title is in their hands with 3 games left. We are now 7 points clear of Wolves in 13th with 9 points to play for – Hoping for potential slip-ups from Watford and Bournemouth to allow us to get towards 10th. That’s that for the month (Next game is in 4 days versus 9th-placed Norwich, who we would draw level on points with if we can beat them at Goodison Park).

Just the 4 games left this season, 3 in the League finished by a trip to Wembley and potential Europa League football next season if we can win (I Think)

Lets check in on Dundalk.

First loss in a while versus Shamrock – Hopefully this isn’t a normal thing going forward, I didn’t put 4 years in for it to be ruined in half a season!

Man Utd go top with 2 to play – a late winner from 29yo Ruben Dias (IRL with Man City!)

Lastly just had a Millionaire’s Club Steam Achievement (Career Earnings over £1M) – Just under 9 years 🙂

See you next time for a walk down Wembley Way 🙂 See you soon.

The Toffees – #FM20 OS9 C3 S1 – Part 86 – Everton – March 2027

Welcome to Merseyside

Welcome back to the first post at club 3 of my #FM20 Journeyman – Everton F.C.

I’m feeling a bit sad today after leaving Dundalk, but I took a real life decision – Everton have potential (With a fair bit of work, as we will see) to do things in Europe – it would have been a push to win anything with Dundalk, regardless of having more than £50M in the bank. But I hope I left them in a good position:

Four League titles, 20 cups, 81% wins, just 24 games lost in 4 and a bit seasons. We will follow Dundalk this season and next with interest.

So, to Everton. Where to start.

Rich apparently – Though only really breaking even in the past few seasons. There’s still a bit of wage budget but i hope to thin that out a lot in the Summer.

Transfer-wise it looks like Nketiah, Gomes and Zinchenko have used up the current budget – a few big slaes in the past few seasons (Richarlison @ £77M, Moise Kean @ £69M and Newgen Keren Tal (£63M) have put the club in a better financial state than prior/ But there’s a ton of dead-wood to be coppiced. And looking at the clauses we are still due a fair amount of instalment money from the big transfers

Squad depth – Lacking a really good keeper, another right-back, everything else seems OK (Gegenpress 4-1-2-3 anyway). But there a lot of older players taking a lot of money.

11 players 29 or older, and £950k/Week in wages… And really only Jamal Lewis as a starter. The 4 out on loan need to be sold on. Zinchenko is a superb utility player so may stay.

We have loads of staff spaces, so lots of contracts offered.

The vision of the club is really stay in the top 10 in the Premier league, so not even getting to Europe. I really hope to push for at least EC2/Europa League football in 28/29, but we also have a small chance as we are in the FA Cup Quarters this season.

Chelsea are currently 4th in the league, so we have a one-game opportunity to get to the FA Cup Semis followed by 2 weeks off for the international break. The run-in isn’t too bad – From Spurs in 6th it goes 18th, 12th, 19th, 9th, 17th & 5th. We could still finish in the top 10 this season. Two days in-game until the FA Cup Quarters.

Dom Calvert-Lewin doing really well for Fulham, now 4 points clear in 7th and level on points with Spurs.

Man City & Arsenal left in the FA Cup with Chelsea as the big teams.

20th March 2027 – Chelsea (A) – FA Cup Quarter Final

Stamford Bridge – Capacity 57,631

(I think) I’m playing my first game versus Chelsea this save. Their base is still Stamford Bridge in 2027.

FT Chelsea 1 (Upamecano 29) Everton 2 (Dodo 57, Can 85) Att 52,962 (2,951 Away)

Chelse come into this on the back of a 3-1 aggregate win versus Porto in the UCL and 2 wins versus Leeds, one FA Cup, one EPL. This will be very tough. We are matching up pretty-much man-to-man. It’s a great start from the lads, nearly a goal inside 90 seconds, Edwards making a fine save in the Chelsea net. Dodo looking like a menace down the right as a CWB. 20 gone and they have a couple of tired lads, Frenkie de Jong and Ousmane Dembele both flagging. Chelsea however take th elead in the 29th minute, set pieces! Upamecano with a header from a Dembele Corner. We aren’t the tallest, definitely. 1-0 at the break, OP set pieces will kill us if we aren’t careful. A decent start to the 2nd half, changed a few instructions, a couple of subs and we are back in it 🙂 1-1, 57th minute, Dodo with th eshot, that trickles in after Edwards parries it. Game on lads!!! Time ticking down rapidly – last 10. And then a massive moment – 85th minute, a great counter after a Chelsea attack breaks down and we go 2-1 in front!!! Emre Can with a fine finish from the edge of the area after being set up by a Prescott nod-down. Can we hold on!!! We are hitting them very well via counter attacks. AND YES WE CAN. We go through to the FA Cup Semi Final 🙂 2-1 Everton. £858k for the win.

Arsenal through at the expense of Wolves, the other games go to replays.

We have 16 players off now on their international breaks. About the same as Dundalk have TBH.

That’s that for the month for games, I will report back any other info.

Our U18’s are through to the FA Cup Youth Final after beating Leicester 7-2 on aggregate! Good signs there.

Man Utd keeping it tight at the top of the EPL with Man City and Tottenham keep ahead of Fulham with a win against a decent Norwich side.

And we’ve had the draw for the Semi Final…

Bugger – Away to Man City most probs. Got to beat the best! We have a couple of league games before then so we can tune-up for it.

Staff-wise people are starting to join, which is great. Teddy Sheringham has just joined as a coach, aged 60 🙂 Ex- Ipswich Centre-Back Richard Naylor also joins as an U18’s coach. Ex-Arsenal Keeper Jens Lehmann joins as my Ass. Man. 🙂

Our U23’s lost 1-0 to Chelsea.

A couple of the kids had U19 internationals – DC Stewart Ferguson played 90 in Scotland’s 3-0 win over Cyprus and MR Garreth Cross played in England’s 3-0 win over Bosnia.

Derby through to the FA Cup Semi. Jayden Bogle with the goals.

Some more youth internationals. Obinna Ali (GK) and Des Higgins (AMR) played in England U20’s 2-1 win over Switzerland, Des with a goal. James Errington (Our starting STC) played in England U21’s 3-0 win over Scotland and Enzo Lacoste (Starting MC) and Mathieu Renault (MR) played in France U21’s 3-0 win over Switzerland, Mathieu with a goal.

In Full internationals Jean-Philippe Gbamin (DR At Valencia) played in Cote D’Ivoire’s 1-1 draw with Mali and Joe Aribo (MC) played in Nigeria’s 0-0 draw with New Zealand. Dario Maresic played in Austria’s 1-0 loss to Sweden and Olexandr Zinchenko played in Ukraine’s 5-0 win over Cyprus. AMC Yusuf Yazici played in Turkey’s 2-0 win over Poland and Edon Zhegrova (ML) played in Kosovo’s 0-0 draw with Lithuania.

And back to the youth internationals Enzo Lacoste (Starting MC) and Mathieu Renault (MR) played in France U21’s 1-0 win over Serbia, James Errington played in England U21’s 1-1 draw with Norway, Stewart Ferguson played in Scotland U19’s 1-1 draw with Ireland and Garreth Cross, Stephen Garner (ML) and Chris Whitehead (DC) played in England U19’s 1-0 win over Bulgaria.

Our U18’s lost 2-0 to Leicester. We are still top of the U18 Division 1 North.

More full internationals – Jean-Phillipe Gbamin played in Cote D’Ivoire’s 3-0 win over Uganda, Joe Aribo played in Nigeria’s 1-0 loss to venezuela and Jamal Lewis played in N. Ireland’s 1-0 win over Scotland. Dario Maresic played in Austria’s 1-1 draw with England and Zinchenko played in Ukraine’s 4-0 win over San Marino. Edon Zhegrova (Kosovo) played against Yusuf Yazici (Turkey) – It finished 4-1 Turkey, Yazici with a goal. Lastly Jamal Lewis played in N. Ireland’s 4-0 win over Azerbaijan (Big Col McGarvey scoring) and Matt Harris played 22 minutes in germany’s 4-0 win over Israel, scoring a goal, his second in 5 senior caps.

Our U23’s lost 1-0 to Man City.

And we will be playing Man City as expected in the FA Cup Semi as they dispatch Watford 3-1.

Our U18’s beat Hayling (Yes, Hayling Island, Tier 10!!) 5-3(!) – Goals from Steven Guest, Gary Lemon, Lloyd Mitchell, Reuben Hopkins and Sean McCulloch.

And that’s that for March 2027. April 2027 will be a big one.

Just the 5 games though 4 are away, a change of pace from Dundalk with 9 games a month! Tottenham are also with a new manager, Paulo Sousa taking over after 9 months out of management after leaving the Portugal post having managed a bucket-load of teams over the past 2 decades. If we can sneak past Man City somehow we will be 90 minutes from European Football next season as well, which would be massive. See you soon.

The Vultures are circling… – #FM20 OS9 C2 S5 – Part 85 – Dundalk – March 2027

The start of trying to keep David Dallas

Welcome back to Dundalk for a busy first 19 days in March, followed by an International break.

Quickfire league games coming up – the Cork game at the Aviva should give a really good attendance.

First up the normal monthly stuff before we go to Limerick.

Big Col gets IPD Player of the Month, Neco Williams 3rd.

Steven O’Malley’s free kick versus Waterford came 2nd in the IPD Goal of the Month.

I win the manager of the month.

We have £50.3M in the bank (We lose about £1M/month in a normal month) but are only a B with the board still…

Dynamics are Very Good/Excellent/Excellent.

Shamrock & Cork play out an entertaining draw, Derry get a late win to break St. Pat’s perfect start and Athlone get their first win of the season, Maloney with the hat-trick.

We had 9 players in the IPD team of the Week after the 6-0 versus Waterford.

3rd March 2027 – Limerick F.C. (A) – Irish Premier Division

FT Limerick F.C. 1 (Nunn 59) Dundalk 1 (Connolly 45) Att 1,867 (331 Away)

Limerick currently sit 7th – P3 W1 D1 L1 – so expecting a decent game. We get a good save out of the Limerick keeper early plus Burrows hits the upright. We take the lead just before the break – McShane hitting the post, but Brian Connolly is on hand to slide in and stab it home. 1-0 Dundalk at the break. The Limerick Keeper has had a good game, keeping them in it, and out of nowhere it’s 1-1, George Nunn finishing well. Not good, so different to the Waterford game just 3 days ago. Limerick down to 10 men with 15 left – Jovanovic with a second yellow. And in the last seconds they go down to 9, ex-Dundalker Dan Cross with a second yellow also. Time to get the winner? Nope. 1-1, poor.

Top by a point but that was horseshit. Cork next up in 3 days.

Our U19’s beat Wexford 5-0 – goals from Jamie Robinson, Maurice Harmon and a hat-trick from Barry O’Leary.

A pretty dour set of games in the IPD – Shamrock getting 3 points versus Shelbourne, remaining unbeaten and Athlone condemn Waterford to their 5 straight loss. Lastly Cobh get their 4th draw in 6 versus Derry.

6th March 2027 – Cork City (H) – Irish Premier Division

FT Dundalk 2 (McGarvey 52, Behrenbeck 63) Cork City 1 (Brennan 73) Att 7,208 (1,338 Away)

We welcome a Cork side, currently 4th, to the Aviva this afternoon. Looking for a much better performance today. A slow start again today. Pretty tight, 0-0 at the break. We break the deadlock 7 minutes in to the 2nd half – Big Col set free by Dave Behrenbeck, actually scoring a 1-on-1!!! 1-0 Dundalk. Also just under 6,000 Dundalk fans in this evening – The new 6,500 capacity at Oriel Park will be just about right I reckon currently. An inspired triple-subbage gets us a 2-0 lead. 63rd minute, David Dallas, now right wing, crosses for Dave Behrenbeck to head home. Much better. But Cork get a goal back 10 minutes later – Brennan with a good volley but he looked yards offside… We see the game out, 2-1 Dundalk.

Feels like the natural order is being reasserted – St. Pat’s and Shamrock back in 2nd and 3rd after a poor season in 2026 for both. Cobh next up, just 3 days again between games.


Okay, wasn’t expecting this. Everton offer an interview.

So 13th, 11 points above relegation with 8 games left, with an easy-ish run-in. They got to the Europa League Semi last season, but finished 8th in 25/26 so didn’t have European Football this season, and won’t next (12 points back on 6th). They show as Rich, 8th by way of Salary (£103M/yr, Man City top at £255M), 7th by Average Attendance (38,024).

Lots of underperforming older players on lots of money – Matt Harris (German(!) Regen from Freiburg) and James Errington (Regen from Portsmouth) the top 2 performers at 22yo. Is it worth upsetting the Dundalk dynamics by interviewing… it’s a sleeping giant all told…

Interview attended, all generic, no money discussed.

Back to the humble IPD – Waterford get a vital win versus Shelbourne with Brian Stapleton and Jim Collins both scoring. And Athlone go 3rd with a very nice win away at Derry.

Three of the lads, Neco, Brian and Big Col make the IPD team of the week.

9th March 2027 – Cobh Ramblers (H) – Irish Premier Division

FT Dundalk 2 (McGarvey 10, Duffy 78) Cobh Ramblers 0 Att 3,349 (32 Away)

Cobh come into this as draw specialists, 4 out of 6, but find themselves 9th. They have the ball in the net in the 4th minute, but its disallowed for pushing. We take the lead in the 10th minute – Steve Seddon with a quality cross, Big Col with a quality header for his 7th of the season. We have the ball in the net again in the 17th, Tommy Collins after an injury layoff, but he was adjudged offside. About a yard. Very much on top but we only go in 1-0 to the good – always difficult to score against these defensive setups. Much of the same in the second half, with Cobh defending well (Up to 8 yellows though!) until Michael Duffy gets the 2nd, 78th minute, a header of his parried from an Jacky Marchand cross, but he was quickest to the rebound, scoring from an acute angle. 2-0 Dundalk. And that’s how it finished.

Cork rescue a point late on after Limerick were put ahead by Dundalk old-boy Dan Cross, and St. Pat’s also win late, 3-2 versus a Shamrock side whose 2 goals were scored by another Dundalk old-boy, Jamie McGrath. St. pat’s and us pulling away from the pack already. Shamrock next up in 3 days in the Leinster Quarters.

Real Madrid put Man U out at the First Knockout round stage of the UCL, and that man Mbappe secure an easy passage for PSG.

Man City go through with a nice win in Germany, and Atletico keep Schalke at bay in their tie – That Oesterhelweg looked super against us TBH, £57M, 20 caps for Germany at 21yo with 6 goals!

And our U19’s beat Wexford 4-0 – goals from Jamie Forde, Brian Smith and 2 from Kieron Hillman.

Geoff Astler is out for a couple of weeks with pulled knee ligaments – time for Steve Seddon to get some more game time.

OK, I’ve been approached by Everton…

A bit of a wage rise. The only issue is that the Tottenham Manager Roger Schmidt (I think he was manager at Beijing when the save started, former RB Leipzig and Bayer Leverkusen manager before that) has been sacked a day ago in game, and I’ve been linked. They are 6th, way back from 5th but in the Europa league spots, only OK financially… Delay.

12th March 2027 – Shamrock Rovers (A) – Leinster Senior Cup Quarter Final

FT Shamrock Rovers 0 Dundalk 3 (Collins 8, 40, Holloway 20) Att 3,584 (764 Away)

This potentially is one of my last games as Manager of Dundalk… Shamrock sit 4th in the IPD – 8 points from 5 games. And they play a Narrow 4-3-3 now!! Penalty Dundalk inside of 120 seconds – Matty Burrows bundled over by Simon Power. Collins to take… Saved by Oluwayemi, who guesses right. Dundalk well on top early. And we go 1-0 up in the 8th minute – Tommy Collins making up for the Penalty, volleying home a dangerous Holloway free kick at the far post. Shamrock look dangerous on the break, but there’s acres of space. And Joe Holloway puts us 2-0 up in the 20th minute, a smart finish after a McShane pull-back. Tommy makes it 3-0 in the 40th minute – a fine header from a Ryan Johannson cross. We have the ball in the net in injury time but Hillman was offside. 3-0 at the break, a good half of football. Absolutely pouring down at Tallaght Stadium as we start the second half. And it looks like we’ve settled with the 3 goals margin, Shamrock getting more of the game, but it finishes 3-0. Nicely done.

We join Bray & U.C.D. in the Semi as all the away teams win handsomely.

And we’ve had some IPD games as St. pat’s fall to Cork, playing 77 minutes with 10 men not helping matters. Waterford slip up in Fergie Time to Derry, Jim Collins with the goal for Waterford and Shelbourne get a good win away at Limerick. And we have Shelbourne next up in 4 days in the IPD (Maybe).

Longford beat Bohemians 2-0 in the other Leinster Quarter Final – ex-Dundalker Mark Hanratty on the scoresheet.

Our U19’s beat Sligo 3-0 – goals from Cathal Wilson, Kevin O’Toole & Craig Coyle.

Four of the lads made the IPD Team of the Week – Steve, Liam Morrison, Jacky Marchand & Big Col.

We’ve also had the Leinster Semi Final Draw.

Bray Wanderers at Home.

First 5 players called up for the March internationals – Cathal Wilson already in the Irish U19’s (Just turned 17).

16th March 2027 – Shelbourne (H) – Irish Premier Division

FT Dundalk 5 (McGarvey 2, 17, 78, Behrenbeck 55, 88) Shelbourne 0 Att 3,826 (509 Away)

Shelbourne start the game in 6th – not been a bad season for them so far, though without an injection of money they will be perennial strugglers. We take the lead in the 2nd minute – Big Col heading home a Duffy cross. He makes it 2-0 in the 17th minute – a nice near-post header this time from a Neco Williams cross. Shelbourne looking better at the end of the half, but we go in 2-0 to the good. We go 3-0 up in the 55th minute – Dave Behrenbeck finish well after being set free by Big Col. And Big Col gets his hat-trick 12 minutes from time – a great over-the-shoulder volley from a Connolly cross. 4-0. His 10th of the season (Dave Behrenbeck on 9). Dave gets his 10th of the season to keep up with Col in the 88th minute, a nice header from a Duffy cross after a period of concerted pressure from Dundalk. It finishes 5-0 – a great result.

Cobh get their first win of season versus 2nd place St. Pat’s, Athlone and Cork play out a draw with Tommy Carlin getting a goal for Cork, Derry win at Limerick and Shamrock dispatch a poor Waterford side 3-0. St. Pat’s next up in 3 dyas in most probably my last game as Dundalk manager.

Barcelona see off Arsenal with a 93rd minute Rodri goal, with Arsenal going through on Away Goals at that point. Inter are also through after a good win versus a very decent Benfica.

Eleven more players called up for the March internationals, making it 16 in total. We are monopolising the Northern Ireland setup 🙂

Chelsea see off Porto and Roma do enough to keep Liverpool at bay.

Everton approach again – they’ve declined my Delay. OK, lets negotiate.

Ten times the salary, can’t really so no, can I????

And with that I will see you next time as we start setting up on Merseyside (As a Liverpool fan IRL I’m having to suspend any sense of outrage by this decision). See you soon.

Season 9 – #FM20 OS9 C2 S5 – Part 84 – Dundalk – February 2027

Season 9 coming up – Hoping for another 6 competition wins 🙂

Welcome back to Dundalk for the start of my 9th season as a Manager, and 5th with Dundalk.

Athlone are first up, with a couple more league games and 2 cups (The President’s Cup should be against Cork City I think). And home games are at the Aviva until September, so it will be interesting to see what gates we get (Dundalk is 60 miles north of Dublin).

12th February 2027 – Athlone Town (A) – Irish Premier Division

FT Athlone Town 1 (Murphy 76) Dundalk 4 (McGarvey 7, 29, 43 Behrenbeck 18) Att x (x Away)

The first game of the season is often a tricky one – Athlone have only had 3 friendlies, winning 1 and drawing 2. Season preview has them 6th (Waterford 2nd with all our loanees!!!). Thier best player is their striker Jamie Maloney (58 scout rating). A slow start until the 7th minute, when Big Col opens his account for the season – a header, unmarked, from a Dallas corner. Athlone passing the ball around well. 2-0 in the 18th minute – Dave Behrenbeck with a lovely header from a Neco Williams cross. Good start lads. Col should have made it 3 soon after, missing an easy 1-on-1. Lots of space for the forwards. 3-0, 29th minute, Big Col with another header, same as his first, from a Dallas corner. Starting as we mean to go on, 3 goals, 3 headers. Could be 6 or 7 as we’ve missed some easy 1-on-1’s. But it’s 4-0 just before the break – Big Col with his hat-trick, a tap-in after a Colm McShane header rattles the woodwork. A great first 45 minutes of the season – 4-0 Dundalk at the break. A much quieter second half, as often happens after a one-sided first. Athlone get one back in the 76th minute – Des Murphy with a good header. It finishes 4-1.

Limerick get a great first-day win at Waterford, and Cobh get their first point back in the IPD at Tallaght Stadium versus Shamrock. St. Pat’s and Derry also get good wins. We play Derry in 4 days.

Season ticket sales up 20% on 2026. Would love that to get above 5,000 at some point soon.

Three of the lads, Neco, David Dallas and Big Col in the IPD Team of the Week.

16th February 2027 – Derry City (H – Aviva Stadium) – Irish Premier Division

FT Dundalk 3 (Burrows 18, Connolly 67, McShane pen 87) Derry City 1 (Hughes 33) Att 3,512 (195 Away)

Our opening ‘Home’ game at the Aviva versus a decent Derry side who finished 3rd last year. It feels like when Queen’s Park play at Hampden – 4,000 people get lost in such a large stadium. A quiet start. But it’s 1-0 Dundalk in the 18th minute, Matty Burrows scoring against his first club of his career, a nice 1-on-1 finish after being played in by Big Col. However Derry pull even in the 33rd minute – Peter Hughes with a speculative 20 yard shot past O’Malley, who should have saved it. Poor. 1-1 at the break – we are on top but need to break the Derry defence down. We continue on top and take the lead in the 67th minute – Brian Connolly finishing off a good move after a Colm McShane cross was only partly cleared. Last 10, could do with a 3rd to finish it off! And in the 87th minute we get a pen – Burrows bundled over by Brennan in a battle of the ‘B’s’. Mcshane to take… 3-1, slotted bottom right. Better. It finishes 3-1 – a good win against a decent side who will do well this season.

St. Pats and us are the only 6-pointers after 2 games as they win deep into injury time versus Athlone. Shamrock also win late at Limerick.Bosun Lawal gets the winner for Shelbourne versus Cobh and in an important game for Dundalk 3 of the 4 goals scored in the Cork v Waterford game are from Dundalkers (Carlin brace and Jim Collins), with Aidan Hamilton sent off as Waterford start with 2 losses. Cork City next up in the President’s Cup (Community Shield-a-like)

Winners of our Group in the UCL Schalke put to the sword by Atletico as Man City also get a decent 1st leg lead in the first of the UCL Knockout round games.

“Man City are rumoured to be interested in David Dallas”….

Real get a good win at home versus Man Utd and PSG sneak a 1-0 at RB Leipzig, playing most of the 2nd half with 10 men.

19th February 2027 – Cork City (N – Aviva Stadium) – President’s Cup

FT Dundalk 4 (Behrenbeck 5, 50, 86, Holloway 40) Cork City 1 (Poynton pen 53) Att 13,821 (4,224 Away)

We play a Cork City side that finished 2nd last season – they have a few Dundalk players who won’t be playing today. Our set-piece play gets us the lead early, Dave Behrenbeck with a steepling header from an O’Malley corner. Cork showing a bit of intent – not looking bad going forward. It’s 2-0 in the 40th minute – Joe Holloway volleying in an O’Malley free kick at the back post. 2-0 at the break. Almost 14,000 people in the Aviva today!!! Will be a gate record I should imagine. And we go 3-0 up in the 50th minute, Dave Behrenbeck again heading home an O’Malley corner, Keeper Ryan in no-man’s land. Cork get a ridculous penalty for nothing in the 53rd minute – Marchand with a perfectly fine sliding tackle on the edge of the area. Poynton takes and scores. A nice open game, good for neutrals. Dave Behrenbeck makes it 4 and his hat-trick-of-headers 4 minutes from time, from a Duffy corner. More silverware – it finishes 4-1.

Limerick & Cobh play out a 1-1 – ex Dundalker Dan Cross scoring for Limerick.

Bray beating Athlone and Wexford beating St. Pat’s are the shocks in the Leinster Senior Cup 4th round so far – we play Cabinteely next.

Hoping to break that a few times this season!

Longford beat Crumlin 2-0 in another Leinster Senior Cup 4th Round match.

Our U19’s beat Clonmel 7-1, goals from Cathal Wilson (2), Kevin O’Toole (2) and Brian Smith (3)

Bohemians beat Mayfield Utd 3-0 in another Leinster game.

Before the Cabinteely game we’ve had the Leinster Senior Cup Quarter Final draw…

Away to Shamrock – the only Premier Division team left (Apart from us)

Cork take all 3 points in the south-coast Derby versus 9-man Cobh.

Four of the lads (Dan, Neco, Colm & Matty) made the IPD Team of the Week.

23rd February 2027 – Cabinteely (A) – Leinster Senior Cup 4th Round

FT Cabinteely 0 Dundalk 3 (McShane 21, 34, pen 41) Att 1,133 (500 Away)

I’ve not played Cabinteely since my time at Cobh (Dundalk have only played them once this save, in 2019) – Season Preview has them expected to finish 9th in the First Division. They are playing a 4-2-2-2 2DM formation. It’s a much smaller surface compared to the Aviva so we take a few minutes to get into the groove. Colm McShane puts Dundalk 1-0 up in the 21st minute – a fine half-volley from a deep Jenks free kick. Cabo go down to 10 men in the 26th minute – Lynch for a lunge on 6ft 7in Robinson, who has drawn a ton of fouls so far. Colm McShane makes it 2 for him and 2 for Dundalk – another far-post finish, this time from a deflected Connolly pass-cum-cross. And he gets the chance to get a first-half hat-trick from the Penalty Spot after Robinson was pushed by Fitzpatrick. He steps up… 3-0, tucked just inside the right-hand upright. 3-0 at the break. 55th minute, Cabo down to 9, Wixted with a second yellow! It’s a bit scrappy after the 2nd sending off, Quinn making a number of saves for Cabinteely. We win 3-0.

Waterford next up in the league in our last game in February.

Porto still in their UCL First Knockout Round tie with Chelsea, but Roma, 2nd in our group, demolish Liverpool!

And to finish up the 1st legs Arsenal get a good win versus Barcelona with a 92nd minute winner, and Inter also win late at the the Estadio da Luz in Lisbon versus Benfica.

St. Pat’s maintain their perfect start to the season versus a Waterford side, who play us next, with Zero points.

More IPD matches – Cobh get another point, but again have a player sent off, and Shelbourne get a really good 3 points versus Derry.

Our U19’s beat Waterford Hibs 3-1, goals from Kieron Hillman and Barry O’Leary (2).

28th February 2027 – Waterford (A) – Irish Premier Division

FT Waterford 0 Dundalk 6 (Behrenbeck 3, 19, 42, McGarvey 7, 53, O’Malley 56) Att 1,452 (342 Away)

Waterford have had a shocker of a start to the season and will be without 5 of their best players as they are all Dundalk loanees (Jim Collins, Dom Halford, Martin Kenny, Brian Stapleton & Aidan Hamilton). It’s raining again today – Don’t think we’ve had a dry game yet this season. We have the ball in the net in the first minute, but Dave Behrenbeck was offside. We do go 1-0 up soon after – a superb break by Big Col, blasting down the right wing, pass to O’Malley, whose cross finds Dave Behrenbeck in acres, and he volleys home beautifully, leaving a smoking hole in the roof of the net. And Waterford’s season gets worse, just 7 gone, 2-0, Mcgarvey with an unmarked low-volley from 6 yards from an un-intercepted O’Malley corner. A great start. 3-0 in the 19th minute, Dave Behrenbeck with his 6th of the season, and his 50th league goal of his career! Hanna with a great ball to Mcgarvey, and his pass to Behrenbeck gives him a tap-in from 10 yards. And Dave get’s his hat-trick just before the break – a header from an o’Malley cross saved really well, but straight back into his path for a tap-in. 4-0 Dundalk at the break. Big Col makes it 5 8 minutes into the second half – finishing after a long Neco Williams bomb set him free. Steven O’Malley makes it 6 3 minutes later, a direct free kick from 20 yards. A demolition job. It finishes 6-0, the last 30 passed by without much of note.

A good start to the season!

Next month we have 6 games in 16 days until 19th March (And then an international break I should imagine) – 5 league games and the Leinster QF versus Shamrock. See you then!

Progression – #FM20 OS9 C2 S5 – Part 83 – Dundalk – Post Season 2026/ Pre Season 2027

Need to start kicking on

Welcome back to Dundalk for the 2026 post-season and usual teams of the season etc plus the pre-season for a 2027 where we really need to start progressing. I think I’ve got 3 more seasons here – i’d really like to get Ireland to a good spot in the coefficients (looks like we will be 15th in the 28/29 season, so another european place) but I need other clubs to start kicking on as well.

Firstly the end of season news items.

Of the Best 11 Ray Moore has played 47 games for Hull in the Championship in 2 and a bit seasons, Nathan Ngoy has only played 6 games for Thun in the Swiss Super League in a season and a half, Jamier McGrath is going to Shamrock on a free and Ryan Corrigan has played 13 games for MK Dons in the Championship this season. Aaron McCarey is an unemployed GK Coach, Patrick McEleney is Chief Scout at Institute in the Danske Bank Prem, Jordan Kelly is getting sub appearances for Wrexham in League 1, Sean Gannon has retired after 35 games for Waterford and Patrick Hoban is an unemployed Director of Football.

Neil Hanna is player of the season and gets the goal of the season. Col McGarvey young player of the season (At 24…) – How is Neil not young Player?

In the “Where are the Players of 2019” Michael Duffy is the only player left at the club from then.

As mentioned above Jamie McGrath is going to Shamrock on a free on 1st Jan.

Oriel Park getting a 2,250 capacity expansion for free (£210k grant) – we will play most of next season at the Aviva 🙂 And the work to upgrade the Youth facilities has begun – should be ready in May 2027.

And the last set of Group games in the UCL has been completed – missing result Liverpool 3 Lok. Moscow 0. We get £230k for the unallocated draw monies from the group stage.

We’ve signed Geoff Astler until the end of 2030 – his contract had a £1.2M foreign club release clause, had to get rid of that 🙂